What is a platinum Uber Eats driver? (+5 Tips for drivers)

This article will discuss what a platinum Uber Eats driver is. We will also look at the various benefits that Uber Eats Pro gives out to highly-rated delivery drivers on the app. Finally, we will also list out several ways through which Uber Eats drivers can do their job much better and get better ratings from customers and restaurant merchants.

What is a platinum Uber Eats driver?

A platinum Uber Eats driver is someone who has earned 800 points through great deliveries. The platinum level is basically the second level in the Uber Eats Pro program. To qualify for this, the Uber Eats driver should not only have 800 points but should also maintain a 85% customer and restaurant satisfaction ratings.

Benefits of Uber Eats Pro

The Uber Eats Pro is basically an incentive program in Uber Eats that was launched to motivate and encourage drivers on the app. The different benefits that are present in Uber Eats pro for delivery drivers have been explained briefly in the following section.

Uber Eats drivers get free education

This is perhaps the best perk of being on Uber Eats Pro. This allows delivery drivers for Uber Eats get tuition from the Arizona State University Online for which the point system can be used to pay. There are plenty of undergrad programs that cover entrepreneurship, English and many more subjects. The delivery drivers who are opting for this can also study at their own pace.

They can get discounts for car maintenance

For those who complete their deliveries in their cars, this Uber Eats Pro advantage can be a godsend. The amount of discounts can differ based on the tier that the delivery driver is in. Those who have the Gold status can enjoy $5 off on their first service, those who have the Platinum status can get an oil-change for $50 while those on Diamond status can enjoy even more perks.

They can get save money on gas

This is perhaps the most needed advantage of our times, especially with gas prices surging every other day. However, to get this discount the delivery driver should only use an Uber Visa Debit Card from GoBank. The delivery drivers can earn up to 5 percent cashback on purchases of gas and also get 15% cashback at certain Jiffy Lube stores.

They can get a new motorcycle

Uber Eats also gives certain delivery drivers a brand new motorcycle from Italika. This benefit is only available for those delivery partners who are of the Diamond status and have the highest number of points on Uber Eats Pro for two periods of the program.

They can easily access loans

Uber Eats Pro also allows delivery drivers in Uber Eats Pro to get a loan easily through Bontu. The process is completely digital and thus easily accessible from anywhere and everywhere. Bontu makes the process very quick and can be great for any delivery driver who has an emergency.

Tips for Uber Eats delivery drivers

If Uber Eats delivery drivers want to get on the Uber Eats Pro system, they will need to earn more points through deliveries and also have an 85% satisfaction rating from the customers as well as the restaurant. Some tips for Uber Eats drivers to improve their rating have been explored as follows.

Practice great customer service

The most important thing for your rating in Uber Eats is the customer service. Great customer service in Uber Eats refers to being kind and courteous to the customer at all times. It also means calling them ahead of time if the order is running late or if there has been a change in the food order.

Invest in a food bag

A great thing that any Uber Eats delivery drive can invest in is the insulated food bag. This food bag is not given free by Uber Eats and needs to be purchased by the delivery driver on their own. However, this is a meaningful purchase as it can definitely preserve the quality of the food order when it is being taken to the customer.

Check the items in the restaurant

Another important thing to do by any delivery driver is to check the items in the food package. Delivery drivers can do this by asking the person at the restaurant to confirm this and can also choose to do this on their own. This not only affects the rating from the customer’s end but can also get the delivery driver a great rating from the restaurant.

Dress properly

It is also important for the Uber Eats  delivery driver to dress properly when they are going to deliver the food order. Whether the delivery driver is wearing the Uber Eats t-shirt or their own clothes, these need to be clean and pressed in order to give a good presentation to the customer.

Take pictures in contactless deliveries

Another thing that Uber Eats drivers can do is to take pictures of their contactless deliveries. This can greatly increase the credibility of the delivery and show the driver’s professionalism.

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This article has discussed what a platinum Uber Eats driver is. We have also looked at the various benefits that Uber Eats Pro gives out to highly-rated delivery drivers on the app. Finally, we have also listed out several ways through which Uber Eats drivers can do their job much better and get better ratings from customers and restaurant merchants.

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