What can I use Instead of Franks Hot Sauce

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “what can I use instead of Frank’s Hot Sauce?” and discuss the benefits and differences between each individual sauce and all the substitutes.

What can I use instead of Frank’s hot sauce?

You can use tabasco sauce, sriracha sauce, and buffalo sauce or also called buffalo wing sauce. All these mentioned sauces can be used instead of franks hot sauce.

Even though Franks hot sauce is very commonly used and is present in almost every household, there are people who do not have any access to franks hot sauce.

If you have no access to Frank’s hot sauce or there is a deficiency of it or you are just not a fan of the sauce but would like some alternate options, this article would be very helpful to you.

Buffalo sauce/buffalo wing sauce

Buffalo sauce is a mixture of hot sauce, melted butter, white vinegar (or sometimes apple cider vinegar), Worcestershire sauce, and maybe sometimes garlic.

It is very widely used in a number of different food items. It also has a very distinct taste. Buffalo sauce is more on the sweet side. 

Since it is not hot, it can be used as a hot sauce substitute if you do not prefer spice in your sauces. Buffalo sauce does contain a small amount of hot sauce so it is in the same family.

It is buffalo sauce that is used in wings and even other dishes like chicken and rice sometimes, sandwiches, chips, and even some types of mac and cheese.

The sauce is also used to make cauliflower wings if you are a vegetarian or a vegan who loves the initial taste of buffalo wings.

Sriracha Sauce

Sriracha sauce can be a great substitute for hot sauce. It has been used widely for a very long period of time and it has also been very famous among the people with a relatively low spice tolerance.

Sriracha has a different consistency but the ingredient level is quite similar to that of hot sauce. Hot sauce is more of a sauce and sriracha is more of a chili paste.

According to the Huy Fong Food website, sriracha is made with sun-ripened chilies that have been pureed into a smooth paste. The other ingredients include sugar, salt, garlic, and vinegar. 

It also contains xanthan gum, an ingredient that is used as a thickener or even a stabilizer. 

It’s an ingredient used widely in many different kinds of food, especially sauces and dressings, and is used as a binder and provides the structure for gluten-free food or food that doesn’t contain wheat flour.

However, unlike sriracha which is very dependent on chilis for its taste, the hot sauce with its many ingredients is very tangy. It’s because its other main ingredient is vinegar. If you taste hot sauce, you get a burst of heat together with the tangy vinegar. 

Vinegar serves two purposes: makes the hot sauces delicious with its flavorful play with the heat and it also helps preserve the chili, too. 

This is one reason why most commercially made hot sauces can be stored at room temperature. 

Tabasco Sauce

Tabasco sauce is a very common and similar consistency sauce when it is compared with hot sauce. It being a sour spicy sauce, it is very useful in making other sauces as well.

It can be added to barbecue sauce, it can also be used as a marinade for steaks and it can be used to make steak sauce or chipotle barbecue sauce.

Tabasco sauce is widely used in a number of dishes. It can be used in sandwiches, salads, burgers, pastas and even french fries, as a glaze and also as a dip.

Tabasco sauce can very easily be substituted for franks hot sauce. 


In this brief article, we answered the question, “what can I use instead of Frank’s Hot Sauce?” and discussed the benefits and differences between each individual sauce and all the substitutes.


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