Is HelloFresh ethical? (+3 Sustainable alternatives)

This article will discuss if HelloFresh is ethical. We will also check out the other advantages of using HelloFresh as a meal-kit delivery service. Finally, we will mention some other meal-kit delivery services that also practice great ethics when it comes to sustainability. HelloFresh is the most popular meal-kit delivery service in the United States today.

Is HelloFresh ethical?

Yes, HelloFresh is ethical when it comes to its meal kits. The company strictly practices sustainability in all the steps of its supply chain. It also regularly educates its customers about various sustainable practices that they can use in their daily lives. Finally, it also uses eco-friendly practices in its offices and production units, such as using renewable energy.

Advantages of using HelloFresh

HelloFresh, as a meal-kit delivery service can bring a range of advantages to the customer. The most important of these have been explained as follows.

HelloFresh has several categories to choose from

There are many categories to choose from in HelloFresh. The customer can choose to have Meat and Veggies meal kits, Veggies only meal kits and also Pescatarian meal kits. There are also single meal kits, meal kits for couples and even meal kits for families which include kid-friendly recipes.

The ingredients are very fresh

There are also very fresh ingredients used in the meal kits in HelloFresh. The produce comes from local vendors and suppliers and is guaranteed to be organic and free from any type of harmful chemicals. In addition to this, the meat comes from free-range and injection free birds and animals.

The packaging is sturdy

The packaging that the HelloFresh meal kits come in is pretty sturdy and very reliable. The meal kit can be easily stored at room temperature for up to two days without any refrigeration. In case the meal kit contains meat, this is vacuum sealed and covered in ice packs so that the fresh flavor is not lost.

HelloFresh has microwavable options

There are also many microwaveable options in HelloFresh. These meals do not require any cooking or any prep-work from the customer and can be easily popped into the microwave for some time. As an alternative, the meals can also be cooked in an oven and can be a superb option for those who are coming home after a long day at work.

It has Pronto meal kits

There are also Pronto meal kits in HelloFresh. These are meant to have very little prep-work involved. The ingredients in these meal kits already come diced, chopped or minced and therefore, the customer needs to only dump them in a pot and start cooking. These Pronto meal kits are certainly one of the best-selling ones in HelloFresh.

The recipes are easy to follow

The recipes of the meal kits in HelloFresh are pretty easy to follow for any one. Even very amateur cooks can whip up a storm using the recipes in HelloFresh. The instructions are printed on flashy and attractive meal cards which guide the customer step by step. They also mention the various kitchen tools and equipment that need to be used in the meal kit.

There are Calorie Smart options

HelloFresh also has Calorie Smart options that can be fantastic for anyone who is planning on losing weight. These options are guaranteed to limit the intake of the customer to just about 650 calories each, and are thus preferred by weight watchers.

The company is sustainable

HelloFresh also prides itself on being the only completely carbon-neutral meal-kit delivery service in the world today. It also constantly educates its customers about everyday sustainable practices that they can easily adopt. The packaging can also be reused and recycled and instructions for these are given in the blog section of HelloFresh.

There are One-Pot meals as well

HelloFresh also has several One-Pot meals to choose from. These make for easy cleaning up afterwards. The ingredients of the meal kit only need to be dumped into a pot and cooked on a stove top. They can also be kept on a sheet pan and popped into the oven for a certain amount of time.

Sustainable meal-kit delivery services

Just like HelloFresh, there are several other meal-kit delivery services that are also pretty sustainable and therefore, great for the environment. Some of the sustainable alternatives to HelloFresh have been mentioned below.

  • Green Chef: Green Chef is a meal-kit delivery service that prides itself on being organic and very sustainable. This service also uses very recyclable cardboard boxes for delivering its meal kits and educates its customers to reuse the other elements of the packaging.
  • Sunbasket: Sunbasket is definitely another great meal-kit delivery service that is sustainable and nutritious as well. Customers can find a wide variety of meal-kits that cater to various dietary needs and health needs, such as keto diets, vegan diets, paleo diets and even gluten-free diets.
  • Home Chef: Home Chef is also a sustainable meal-kit delivery service. The customers enjoy a lot more control and flexibility in this meal-kit delivery service, which is rather its unique selling point.

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This article has discussed if HelloFresh is ethical. We have also checked out the other advantages of using HelloFresh as a meal-kit delivery service. Finally, we have mentioned some other meal-kit delivery services that also practice great ethics when it comes to sustainability.

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