How much does HelloFresh pay for sponsorship? (+3 HelloFresh sustainability practices)

This blogpost will discuss how much HelloFresh pays for sponsorship. We will also check out the reasons why HelloFresh can be a splendid sponsor. Finally, we will be looking at the different sustainability practices that are being undertaken by HelloFresh in the world today. HelloFresh is the no.1 meal-kit delivery service in the United States today.

How much does HelloFresh pay for sponsorship?

HelloFresh can pay from $500 to $2000 per month for any sponsorship. However, this amount can differ based on many factors. The main factor to consider is the level of the influencer. If it is a much larger influencer who will have a much better reach, the price can go up to even $10,000 per month. It tends to be much less for small-scale influencers.

Some influencers tend to have one-off deals with HelloFresh instead of a monthly sponsorship which refers to a certain number of posts for a specific sum of money. HelloFresh not only uses small-scale influencers but even reality show stars and on-screen celebrities like Mindy Kaling to attract its target population of working mothers and busy individuals in general.


Why can HelloFresh sponsorships be worth it?

HelloFresh sponsors a large number of influencers on all types of social media to bring in more customers for its service. Some of the reasons why HelloFresh sponsorships can definitely be worth it have been summarized as follows.

HelloFresh has a large customer base

HelloFresh has only been growing in size ever since it has dipped its toes into the meal-kit delivery industry. The customer base has multiplied numerous times ever since the onset of the pandemic as this service brings plenty of convenience to the customer. If you are going to be sponsored by HelloFresh, you will also be reaching a multitude of people at once.

It is very sustainable

The company is very sustainable and has the main aim of reducing food wastage across the globe. For this purpose, HelloFresh donates all the unused and leftover meal kits and edible ingredients to charities and non-profit organizations so that the needy and hungry are fed. It also does an amazing task at educating the customers about sustainability practices.

It prides on fresh ingredients

The ingredients that come with every meal kit in HelloFresh are fresh and completely organic. And thus the customer is assured of only the best in HelloFresh. The produce comes from local suppliers and vendors so that the customer enjoys more seasonal goodies. The meat also comes from grass-fed and injection-free animals.


It offers plenty of convenience to the customer

The customer enjoys plenty of convenience and comfort when it comes to HelloFresh. The customer can choose from Meat and Veggies meal kits, Veggies meal kits and even Piscatarian meal kits. The meal kits are also delivered straight to the home of the customer and they don’t ever need to leave the house in order to get access to groceries.

It has scrumptious microwaveable meals

There are also many microwaveable meals in HelloFresh. These are called Oven Fresh meals as part of the Easy Eats category in HelloFresh. These meals need to be simply cooked in a microwave or even an oven, after which the customer can enjoy them. They bring flavors, health and plenty of convenience to an already busy and drained out customer.

It uses really good packaging

The packaging that the meal kits are packed in is pretty sturdy and very reliable. The meal kit is insulated and can be stored at room temperature for up to two days. In addition to this, the meats are vacuum sealed and covered in ice packs to prevent early rotting and contamination. The entire meal kit comes in a Styrofoam box.

It even has Calorie Smart meals

There are also Calorie Smart meals for those who are trying to limit their intake of calories on a daily basis. These meals are designed to have 650 calories each and can be great for weight watchers and calorie counters. These are also tasty and healthy at the same time and one of the most popular meal kits in HelloFresh.


Sustainability practices of HelloFresh

HelloFresh is trying its level best to be a completely sustainable company. The main aim of HelloFresh is to reduce the wastage of food across the globe. Some of the sustainability practices of HelloFresh have been described in the points below.

  • HelloFresh educates its customers about various ways to save and reuse their leftovers and thus reduce waste. It also shows them how to recycle the different elements of the HelloFresh packaging. The ice packs can be easily reused by the customer for their personal needs and requirements.
  • HelloFresh donates all the unused edible food and meal kits to local charities and other organizations, so that the poor and needy can make use of them. It also encourages customers to donate meal kits as part of donation drives.
  • HelloFresh has also tied up with several research organizations to reduce food wastage in the United States and even across many other countries in the world.

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This blogpost has discussed how much HelloFresh pays for sponsorship. We have also checked out the reasons why HelloFresh can be a splendid sponsor. Finally, we have looked at the different sustainability practices that are being undertaken by HelloFresh in the world today.

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