Can you eat pizza without teeth?

In this brief article we will answer the question,”Can you eat pizza without teeth?” We will also look at the risks of eating without teeth and suggest some foods which can be easily eaten without teeth.

Can you eat pizza without teeth?

No, it is not advisable to eat pizza and any other solid foods without teeth. Teeth are very important as they assist in chewing food. Chewing is a very vital process in the digestion regime as it allows the release of enzymes and lubricants in the mouth. 

The enzymes aid in the decomposition of food, into smaller particles or substances which can then follow through the digestive system for easy absorption of essential nutrients.

What are the risks of eating without teeth?

Bone Loss

You might get bone loss if you continuously eat without teeth. The bone ridges of the jaw line will start wearing off. This is because you are exerting so much pressure than they can ordinarily handle.

 The jawline will eventually succumb to the pressure and start receding resulting in permanent bone loss. This is even more dangerous as it limits your choices of getting dental implants because of poor bone structure. 

Gastrointestinal problems

Not chewing food may also bring about digestive issues. As earlier mentioned chewing assists break down food into particles that are easily absorbed by the colon for digestion and also allows the body to easily absorb nutrients.

If you are not chewing food large particles go to the digestive system and bacteria ends up growing. The bacteria feed on the large particles, and you may end up experiencing flatulence and indigestion symptoms.

Lack of Enough Saliva Production

Saliva assists in lubricating the food for easy swallowing and movement down the digestive tract. It as well contains an enzyme known as amylase which helps in digestion of starch in the mouth. 

Saliva is produced by salivary glands which are usually stimulated by the chewing process. So, if you are missing teeth to chew, saliva won’t be produced at a sufficient quantity resulting in more digestion problems.

Improper Enzymes Production

When you chew food, the taste receptors usually send a signal to your lower digestive system to release enzymes required for digestion. If food is not chewed there will be poor production of the enzymes necessary for food digestion. This means that the digestion process will not take place properly.

Infected Gums

This is a no brainer. Gums are just not meant to chew food. They are soft and delicate so if you continue chewing food without teeth they become abrasive and you damage the tissues. This also gives bacteria an easier entry in the tissues and infections may follow. The infections may eventually cause gum disease. 

Risk of losing the remaining teeth

As earlier mentioned, continuous eating without teeth weakens the jawbone. If the jawbone gets weakened other teeth may begin becoming loose as the base structure is not strong enough. This causes a ripple effect of other teeth just coming off.

If you have no teeth, it’s best you consider changing your diet. Lets see some foods which are best recommended for people with no teeth.

What foods can I eat without teeth?

Scrambled eggs

Soft scrambled eggs are not only ridiculously easy to make, they can be easily chewed.  To reap extra benefits, you can consider adding flavor boost and  a spoonful of cottage cheese or light sour cream to the eggs before scrambling.

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are soft and easily digestible. The skins also contain additional fiber so it’s best to leave them on. You can throw in some milk for that extra boost of protein that you are missing out from solid meats which are harder to chew.


Smoothies are great because you guessed it right, no chewing is involved. Easily blend up your favorite fruits, yogurts and milk and you can throw in some super foods which supplement such as moringa powder, chia seeds, baobab powder etc


Of course we had to mention soup for the same reasons as above, no chewing. Most soups, especially pureed ones, are pretty nutritious and easy to eat for people without teeth.  There are plenty of soups to choose from such as potato-leek, tomato-basil, and minestrone.

Slow cooked meats

Good news is you can still have some meat but it all boils down to how you cook it. Slow-cooked meats like pulled pork or beef stew tend to be much tender and easier to chew so just make sure you cook them the right way. You can also use some meat tenderizers such as ginger, vinegar and papaya.

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In this brief article we answered the question, “ Can you eat pizza without teeth?” We have looked at the risks of eating without teeth and suggested some foods which can be easily eaten without teeth.


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