Can you eat pizza with Gastroparesis?

In this article, we will address the query “Can you eat pizza with Gastroparesis?” Additionally, we present relevant information like how to make a healthier pizza and why you should avoid restaurants’ pizza.

Can you eat pizza with Gastroparesis?

You can’t eat pizza from restaurants or fast food chains because their pizza has high-fat cheese and toppings, tomato sauce with a lot of condiments, and it could be added with butter (high in fat) (1,2). 

However, you can make your own pizza with no irritant ingredients. A home-made pizza made with the correct ingredients could be tolerable by individuals with Gastroparesis (1).

The Gastroparesis diet includes low-fiber foods like white bread, cooked vegetables, low-fat cheese, and lean meats. Keep reading this article because we are going to prepare a Gastroparesis tolerable pizza! (1)

Are there any modifications or alternatives for enjoying pizza with Gastroparesis?

Yes, you can make some modifications to the pizza recipe for enjoying this food, even if you have Gastroparesis.

The traditional pizza base recipe is (3): 

  •  300 g white flour
  •  1 tsp instant yeast (from a sachet or a tub)
  •  1 tsp salt
  •  1 tbsp olive oil

As you can see, there are no harmful ingredients, white flour is low in fiber, nevertheless, you can add fewer olive oil to reduce the lipid content in your pizza (1).

Now, you should use natural strained tomato sauce. A crucial recommendation for Gastroparesis diets is to eat vegetables without pulp or skin because it is the main source of fiber in vegetables. Additionally, use only salt, and you can add a slight amount of basil and oregano. Do not use pepper because it is very irritant (1,4).

Moreover, for the toppings you can use low-fat cheese, a lean-meat like turkey breast or chicken breast, cooked vegetables like squash, and you can add a slight amount of basil (1).

Take into account that there are no clinical trials trying to do healthy pizza for individuals with Gastroparesis; herein, we try to create a healthy pizza based on recommendations in scientific guidelines on Gastroparesis diet (1,2,4).

If you want to try this recipe, we encourage you to ask for advice with your healthcare and nutrition professional.

What should be considered when selecting toppings for gastroparesis-friendly pizza?

You should consider that toppings must be low-fat, low-fiber, without spices or pepper that could be irritating, and definitely you should avoid comminuted meats like salami, sausages, and pepperoni (1,2).

How do pizza ingredients affect the symptoms of Gastroparesis?

Pizza ingredients could be delicious, but they usually have a high content of spices and condiments, like pepper, that are irritating for your stomach. The irritation will promote the production of stomach acid, and your symptoms will get worse (1,2).

Additionally, high-fat ingredients like fried cheese, salami, sausages, pepperoni, serrano ham, among others, could slow your stomach emptying. A slow stomach emptying is one of the key mechanisms for all symptoms in Gastroparesis, like abdominal pain, inflammation, and vomiting (1,2).

Hence, irritating and high-fat ingredients in pizza could make your symptoms worse. That is why you should make a home-made pizza with the appropriate ingredients.

Can portion control and eating techniques play a role in consuming pizza with Gastroparesis?

Definitely! You could try to eat small portions frequently, and chew it very well (5). 

First, chewing your portions very well will allow your mouth to start the digestion of pizza. Your saliva contains an enzyme known as ⍺-amylase that starts the digestion of carbohydrates in your mouth (6).

Moreover, the small and frequent portions are important to allow your stomach to digest the food properly (5).


In this article, we will address the query “Can you eat pizza with Gastroparesis?” Additionally, we present relevant information like how to make a healthier pizza and why you should avoid restaurants’ pizza.


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