Can you eat manwich without meat?

In this brief blog, we will answer the question, “Can you eat manwich without sauce?” We will discuss the ingredients that are used in manwich sauce and if manwich is healthy. We will also discuss how you can manwich without meat.

Can you eat manwich without meat?

Sure, you can manwich without meat. Manwich originally known as Sloppy Joe is a brand name of a sauce that was introduced by ConAgra Foods and Hunt’s back in 1969 and has caught up in the modern world. It is a canned and seasoned tomato sauce that is mostly added to ground beef usually cooked in a skillet.

What are the ingredients in Manwich?

Tomato puree

As earlier mentioned manwich contains tomato puree which is one of the key ingredients. The tomato puree incorporates a mixture of tomato paste which are basically tomatoes that have been cooked down with the skin and seeds off and concentrated into a concentrated paste. This ensures that it gives a rich tomato flavor.

High-Fructose Corn Syrup

This is not a natural but artificial sugar that is usually manufactured from corn’s starch. It is usually a derivative of corn syrup that has its glucose converted by enzymes into fructose. 

The disadvantages of high fructose is that it can lead to some diseases such as diabetes and obesity as shown by many scientific studies. It is also very identical to regular sugar as well as having the same effects on health.

Distilled Vinegar

This is vinegar that is gotten from distilled alcohol that has been fermented. It usually posses extra acidity that helps the many ingredients in the Manwich sauce come together in an even mixture. It adds to the flavor and adds to the shelflife as a  preservative. The distilled vinegar as well adds to the taste by providing a tartness that equalizes the sweetness in the high fructose that is mentioned above.

Corn Syrup

This is a sweetener in liquid form that is usually produced from the glucose. It has its fair share of negative health effects just like the high fructose corn syrup above though it receives less of a negative publicity.



Salt is also an integral ingredient in many Manwich sauces, not only does it provide some infusion of taste but it also adds to the preservative properties. 

A 250 grams serving of Manwich sauce contains about 310 mgs of sodium. For context the average American consumes about 3,400 mg of sodium in a day with the RDI set at 460 – 920mg sodium for normal body functioning. 


Manwich sauce contains about 6 grams of sugar in every serving which is a ridiculous high amount. For context purposes once again, the American heart society recommends only about 36 grams of sugar for men and only 25 grams of added sugar for women.

Carrot Fiber


Carrot fiber is another ingredient in Manwich sauce where it functions as a thickener, binder, stabilizer and an extender. It also adds to the seasoning but is quite low in vitamins and minerals, providing nothing but only a little potassium.

Dried Green and Red Bell Peppers

Same as the carrot fiber, the dried green and red peppers do noy provide much nutritional benefits to the body. They are usually dried to ensure longevity and ease transportation and have very little nutritional value. 

Chili pepper

Chili pepper is also one of the ingredients thats helps in adding some heat in the manwich sauce. Chili pepper as well as some contains Vitamin C and some antioxidant properties which can prevent cell damage by fighting any free radicals.

It fights fungal infections, flu and colds, fights inflammation and improves cardiovascular health.

How can you use Manwich without meat?

Manwich can also be used by vegan and vegetarians. You can only utilize the sauce and mix it to your favorite veggies or even burger crumbles such as lentils, seitan or tofu. The downside is that manwich contains very few ingredients even one that you can easily find in your pantry.

Is manwich healthy?

Manwich has its perks and downsides. It has good amounts of carbs, vitamins, proteins and other essential vitamins. However if you take a look at older and traditional versions, you will find that they have no veggies and also come high in sodium and fats which can be detrimental to health.

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In this brief blog, we have answered the question, “Can you eat manwich without sauce?” We have discussed the ingredients that are used in manwich sauce and if it is healthy, We will also talk about how you can eat  it without meat.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this blog and found it to be informative.