What happens If you eat expired soy sauce? (+5 Tips)

In this article, we will answer the question “What happens If you eat expired soy sauce?”, and how to tell If the soy sauce is bad?

What happens If you eat expired soy sauce?

Eating expired soy sauce has not been associated with severe food poisoning. Only mild symptoms of food poisoning may occur which include dizziness, headache, stomach pains, diarrhea, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc. these symptoms must be gone in 3 days. 

Over-the-counter medications and home remedies can be sued to get rid of these mild symptoms.  If they persist and become stronger with each passing day, consult a doctor.

How to tell If the soy sauce is bad?

  • If the soy sauce has an altered or less intense taste, you can get rid of it for quality reasons. If you decide to use it for your dishes, use it in a larger amount to adjust the taste.
  • If the soy sauce smells off, discard it. An off smell is something really strong and unpleasant than the usual pungent smell of soy sauce. An off smell might not necessarily indicate spoilage because soy sauce does not go bad unless you help it. 
  • In case the bottle was left open for a long period, It is better to discard it.
  • The growth of mold inside soy sauce is pretty unusual. However, If the soy sauce is exposed to too much oxygen, mold can grow over time. It appears as white or green fluffy spots or patches floating over the sauce. It may also grow around the rim of the soy sauce bottle. If you are thinking to use the sauce after skimming off the mold, stop right there because It is a bad idea. 
  • Soy sauce has a very deep color. If It starts to fade and soy sauce develops transparency, discard it right away.

How long does soy sauce last?

The shelf-life of the soy sauce depends on its quality and storage. As long as the bottle of soy sauce is unopened, it can safely sit in the pantry or elsewhere dark, cool and dry. A steady storage temperature is also important. 

Once the bottle is opened, always keep it in the fridge. Do not place it in the fridge door. The temperature fluctuations in this area will rin ist quality quickly. 

However, once the bottle is opened, the quality will deteriorate faster as compared to when It was unopened regardless of refrigeration. 

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How to store soy sauce?

Original container 

It might be tempting to pour the soy sauce from its original packaging into a more user-friendly container but It might not be the wisest thing to do. If you want your soy sauce to last longer, keep it stored in its original plastic or glass bottle. 

A constant temperature 

Temperature fluctuations are the enemy of the quality of food commodities. Never keep the soy sauce near a stovetop, cooker, or dishwasher, or anywhere on the kitchen counter where temperature fluctuations are common. A steady keeping temperature is important for the longevity of the soy sauce.

Keep a lid on it 

A lid could be in the form of a screw top or a flip-top. Whatever type It is, make sure the bottle is sealed tightly after each use once the bottle is opened.

In the pantry

As long as the soy sauce bottle is unopened, It can be safely kept in the pantry. Care must be taken If you have a glass of bottled soy sauce. Keep it on the lowest shelf of the pantry to minimize the chances of breaking it in case of an unfortunate situation.

In the fridge 

It is recommended to store soy sauce in the fridge to maximize its shelf-life. Some brands make it compulsory to refrigerate soy sauce. So It all boils down to personal preference and the brand.

Can you freeze soy sauce?

Freezing soy sauce is practical or effective since soy sauce already has quite a long shelf-stable unless you temper it. 

In addition to that, soy sauce contains a significant amount of salt due to which is unable to freeze. This is due to a phenomenon called ‘Freeze point depression’.


In this article, we answered the question “What happens If you eat expired soy sauce?”, and how to tell If the soy sauce is bad?






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