Is it safe to eat fish from Ecuador?

In this brief guide, we will discuss the question, “is it safe to eat fish from Ecuador?”. As well, we will discuss what is a fish, where is Ecuador, who regulates the seafood supply, and other concerns about fish from Ecuador.

Is it safe to eat fish from Ecuador?

Yes, it’s safe to eat fish from Ecuador. Ecuador represents one of the biggest exporters of seafood in the world, so you don’t need to be worried when eating fish from Ecuador.

How many species of fish are in freshwaters from Ecuador?

Ecuador is surrounded by valuable freshwater that contains a lot of nutrients for the many species of fish. Ecuador has about 800 species of fish and that is a lot because if you compare it to the Pacific Ocean, you will find just around 450 species.  

What are the most common fishes from Ecuador? 

Ecuador exports several species of fish. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, you can check the list below with the mainly exported fishies from Ecuador.

  • Whiteleg shrimp with 560.000 tonnes;
  •  Skipjack tuna with 194.046 tonnes;
  • Frigate and bullet tunas with 64.647 tonnes;
  • Yellowfin tuna with 59.275 tonnes;
  • Bigeye tuna with 44.172;
  • Pacific anchoveta with 34.053;
  • Nile tilapia with 16.004;
  • Common dolphinfish with 15.069. 

Where is Ecuador? 

Ecuador is a country in South America in the northwest and borders Peru on the south and east, on the north with Colombia, and with Pacific Oceans on the west. This country was colonized by Spain. Ecuador has a tropical climate, with dry and wet seasons.

Who regulates the seafood supply?

The Federal agency Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in control of regulating the seafood supply in the US, but other agencies like the European Commission are responsible in the EU. The objective is the same, ensure the seafood or any food is safe, sanitary, and healthy.   

What are the nutrients of fish?

The fish contains a low-fat value source of high-quality protein. Serve as the font of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins (D and B2-riboflavin), and minerals, mainly calcium and phosphorus, but also contain iron, iodine, zinc, potassium, and magnesium. It’s recommended to eat fish a minimum of 2 times per week. 

What are the health benefits of fish?

The nutrients of fish can assist in lowering blood pressure and decreasing the chance of stroke or heart attack, but also helps to maintain the brain healthy. The omega-3 fatty acids can be found just in fish, this nutrient is not produced by our organism. Below are some other health benefits of this nutrient. 

  • Can lower the chance of ADHD, depression, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes;
  • Can avoid inflammation and lower the chance of arthritis; 
  • Help the infant grow vision and nerves as the fetus is developing inside the mother.  

What do I need to know when buying fish?

To reduce the chance of foodborne illness or popularly known as “food poisoning” the FDA suggested following the list of tips below. 

  • Just choose fish that is refrigerated or exhibited on a wide bed of fresh ice;
  • The fish can never smell ammonia or sour;
  • The smell coming from the fish needs to be mild and fresh;
  • The fish need to have red gills;
  • The entire flesh of the fish needs to be firm, and when pressed should spring back;
  • If you choose fish filets, they need to exhibit no discoloration, blackness, or dry edges.  

What do I need to know if I will buy frozen fish?

When you are going to buy frozen fish, you need to pay attention if the package is not damaged or kneaded. Take care of signs of crystals or frost ice, which indicates the fish were defrosted and refrozen.

How can I store fish? 

If the fish will be consumed within 2 days after being bought, you can keep it in a clean refrigerator (40°F or below). If you know that you are not using the fish, it’s better to freeze it as soon as possible. To know more safety tips about it, click here.  

What recipes can I cook with fish?

As the fish are abundant all over the world you will find many types of recipes for cooking fish, but a well-made fish will match with different side dishes. If you click here, you will find 41 easy recipes for fish completed in 30 minutes or less.  

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In this brief guide, we have discussed the question, “is it safe to eat fish from Ecuador?”. As well, we have discussed what is a fish, where is Ecuador, who regulates the seafood supply, and other concerns about fish from Ecuador.

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