Is black bean paste same as soybean paste

In this brief guide, we will address and answer the query, “Is black bean paste the same as soybean paste?” and answer other similar related questions like “What are the alternatives to soybean paste?”

Is black bean paste the same as soybean paste?

Yes, black bean paste is the same as soybean paste.

  • Black bean paste has a very different kind of appearance and texture. The black beans are basically fermented beans. These beans are nothing but soybeans.

  • The soybeans are marinated in salt. They are made to go through the process of fermentation. When soybeans get fermented,  they turn black. These are then known as black beans.

  • The black bean paste is fairly nutritious and does not contain any unhealthy ingredients either. On the bright side, when black bean paste or sauce is added to food dishes, the dishes turn tasty and delicious.  It is a very common household ingredient.

  • How much black bean paste is to be added to a dish depends upon the recipe and the person preparing the dish. There is no exact quantity that can be given. The reason is that black bean paste or sauce is a flavoring agent. It is added to the dishes when they are being cooked. 

    Usually,  a decent amount equals one spoonful of black bean paste. However,  it wholly depends upon the dish and the ingredients of the dish.

  • Black bean paste or sauce as mentioned earlier is used in cooking to add flavor to a dish. It is used as a coloring agent too. Black bean paste is also used as a condiment and is extremely popular among people who are fond of cuisines such as Sichuan, Cantonese, Chinese,  etc.

    Black bean paste is widely used in dishes such as noodles, stir-fries, steamed dishes, meat-based casseroles etc. They turn every dish into a delicious mouth-watering delight.  Black bean paste is used in liberal quantities to give a dish the perfect taste.

What are the substitutes for soybean paste/black bean paste?

In case of non-availability of black bean paste, a few of the alternatives that can be used as substitutes are as follows,

Soubise Sauce

Soubise sauce is the most basic cream sauce. It is prepared using finely chopped sauteed onions and adding them to the béchamel sauce. The texture of the sauce feels velvety. Soubise sauce is a combination of food items that largely use vegetables, eggs, fish, meats etc. The soubise sauce is commonly used as a substitute.

Nantua Sauce

Nantua is a type of creamy seafood sauce. It is mainly prepared using crayfish. It can also be prepared using shrimp. The shrimp or crayfish is mixed with butter and cream before being finally added to the Béchamel sauce. This is also a flavor enhancing sauce. This, just like black bean paste,  enhances the taste of any dish it is used in

Hoisin sauce

Hoisin sauce is one of the best and most favored alternatives to black bean paste/sauce. It can be used in nearly all the recipes that call for the use of black bean paste. It is a good strong ingredient that brings out the taste of other ingredients present in the dish. It has a thick texture and feels smooth. 

Hoisin sauce too can be used as a condiment.  It is used as an ingredient for dishes such as dumplings, meat, fried foods, etc.  It is even used as a coloring agent in many different varieties of noodles, stir-fries, meat, etc. 

The food dish Peking Duck is a classic example of how hoisin sauce can be used as a substitute for black bean paste. It transforms an ordinary dish into a delicious delicacy.

Miso paste

Miso paste is a good alternative to black bean paste. It is used to add a fermented soy flavor to the food dishes. It is therefore very similar in taste when compared with black bean paste. It is added to dishes along with a dash of soybean sauce. 

This results in a more paste-like texture making it easier to use in a variety of dishes. Sometimes, even a little bit of sugar is added to it. This is done in order to give it a subtly sweet and tangy taste.

What is black bean paste?

Black bean bastes are also known as black bean sauce. It is used in a range of food dishes such as vegetables, meat, seafood etc. It provides a distinct savory taste to the dishes. It has a salty and earthy kind of flavor.

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In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “Is black bean paste the same as soybean paste?” and answered other related questions like “What are the alternatives to soybean paste?”


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