How to fix F2 code on a G.E stove (1 Resolvable Issue)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, ‘how to fix f2 code on G.E stove?’. We will discuss the problems and faults which cause the F2 code, and the corresponding solution to fix the F2 code on a G.E stove. 

How to fix F2 code on a G.E stove?

To fix an F2 code on a G.E stove, shut off the circuit breaker which connects to your G.E stove. Wait for 30 seconds to let the stove reboot. The reset should get rid of the error, fault, or function, if this does not help to fix the error on a G.E stove, you may need to call a professional for a service. 

If there is a delay in getting help from a professional, turn the range or wall oven off when it is not in use.

To fix the problem, you could even call the G.E answer center by looking up the local number, the assistant would ask you the model of the G.E stove and details about the situation.

What is the F2 or F20 code on a G.E stove?

The F2 code notifies that the stove oven has exceeded the maximum threshold for temperature due to unknown reasons. F2 code is the indicator that the temperature of the locked-up oven has exceeded 590 degrees. The fault could also be a result of the relay being stuck on the oven control board.

F2 code can occur during baking, where it means that either overheating has in actuality occurred or the oven temperature sensor is at fault. If the F2 code occurs during cleaning, it means that either the sensor or the door-lock is at fault.

Let us consider the problems, the reason, and ways to fix the F2 Code on a G.E Stove?

Problem 1 – Sensor Probe Malfunction

The F2 code is the error of the range and components rather than the inside of the oven. A device called a thermistor takes care of temperature control. If the thermistor has short-circuited, it could be a factor that causes the G.E stove to exhibit the F2 code.  High resistance can cause the oven temperature sensor probe to malfunction.

How to check if the Sensor Probe is causing the F2 code?

To check if the Oven Temperature Sensor has stopped working, use an ohmmeter to perform a continuity test. Unplug and take the temperature sensor out and check its resistance.

  1. Set the resistance of the ohmmeter at 2 K or 4 k Range. For an auto-ranging meter, set the option to auto-read resistance.
  2.  Secure the leads of the ohmmeter, and check the readings.
  3. The resistance must lie between the range of 1,080 to 1,090 Ω. If the value exceeds, it is a sign of a faulty temperature sensor.

How to fix the Sensor Probe Malfunction?

If the sensor probe malfunctions, besides the F2 code, the oven might also shut itself off prematurely. To fix the problem in the sensor probe, you could remove it from the oven. To locate, it looks inside the oven cavity, on the upward section of the control panel. To remove, dislocate it and replace it with another sensor.

Problem 2- Fused Solder Connection

If the temperature sensor is not damaged, it could be that the Solder Connection has been fused which is located on the control panel. To replace a particular component, you need to call the G.E Range technician. If you decide to do it on your own, you need to replace the panel.

Before you proceed unplug the stove oven or turn the breaker off. Then, locate the screws on the display which must be easy to spot. IF you face difficulty, consult the user manual.

The display which covers the control panel, needs to be removed. When you unscrew the display and have gained access to the control panel which is now ready to be dislocated.

  1. Unscrew the panel 
  2. Separate the quick-connect electrical fitting.
  3. Get the new control panel and fit and screw it in. 
  4. Turn the stove and oven back on and check to see if it works.

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How to turn the beeping error noise from a G.E stove off?

Turning the beep off, will help you to deal with the situation, however, your problem is yet to be solved. 

  1. Press the ‘Bake’ and ‘Broil HI/LO’ buttons together for 3 seconds.
  2. Then, press the “kitchen Timer On/Off” button located on the control panel.

How to reset a G.E range stove/oven?

Press the clear button on the oven panel.

Turn the circuit breaker with access to the GE built-in oven off.

Wait for 30 seconds, and turn the wall oven on.

Set the time on the built-in oven to activate it.

In this brief guide, we answered the question, ‘how to fix f2 code on G.E stove?’. We discussed the problems and faults which causes the F2 code; and the corresponding solution to fix F2 code on a G.E stove. 


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