How long does pineapple-infused vodka last?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “How long does pineapple-infused vodka last” with an in-depth analysis of the shelf life of pineapple-infused vodka. Moreover, we are going to discuss how to make pineapple-infused vodka and the tips for making and storing the pineapple-infused vodka properly.

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How long does pineapple-infused vodka last?

The pineapple infused vodka lasts for about 2 weeks in the fridge in an air-tight bottle at or below 40 °F. It can even stay for longer than this but we recommend you to drink this delicious drink within 2 weeks to enjoy its peak taste and aroma. You should always store the pineapple induced vodka in an air-tight bottle or container to minimize its air exposure.

How long can you keep pineapple soaked in vodka?

You can leave the pineapple soaked in vodka for about 2-6 weeks, this is the time that is required for the flavor of pineapple to get mixed with the vodka and add that fruity flavor to it. 

Does pineapple go bad in vodka?

No, because of the higher alcoholic content of the vodka, the pineapple submerged in it won’t go bad but they can change their color if stored for a very long time.

How to make pineapple-infused vodka?

So take a big glass jar and fill it with big chunks of the pineapple. You can either stack the pineapple chunks in a brick pattern or you can even just drop the pineapples in the jar. It all depends on you but if you want to enhance the aesthetics of the pineapple-infused vodka, you should go with a fine arrangement of pineapple chunks.

Now comes the time for the addition of our second ingredient, so add a bottle of vodka to this jar. The vodka should be enough to submerge all the pineapple chunks. So once you have added the vodka to the jar containing pineapple chunks, seal the jar and set it aside for some time.

It is recommended to give this pineapple-infused vodka approximately 2 weeks or even more (4-6 weeks depending on your preference) to set so that the flavors of pineapple and the vodka can intermingle fully and you will get yourself a delicious cocktail for yourself.

Afterward, you can store your pineapple-infused vodka in a bottle, so what you gotta do is to take your vodka or any other air-tight bottle, place a funnel containing the cheesecloth in it, and strain your pineapple-infused vodka. You can transfer as much pineapple-infused vodka as you need, from the jar into the bottle

Now once we have separated the pineapple-infused vodka, all we are left with is the vodka flavored pineapple chunks in the jar. Now take a cheesecloth, add these pineapples to it and strain the extra liquid out of them by squeezing them. The vodka that you just strained out from the pineapple has a really strong flavor and it is better to give the bottle in which you stored all the pine-apple infused vodka a good swirl to homogenize all of its contents.

Store the pineapple-infused vodka bottle in the refrigerator and use it within 2 weeks to enjoy its peak flavor and aroma.

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Cocktails you can make from the pineapple-infused vodka

Now either you can consume this pineapple-infused vodka as it is by pouring it in a glass and adding some ice cubes or you can even try to make different cocktails out of it.

Pineapple martini

So what you can do is to add the pineapple-infused vodka and ice cubes in the cocktail shaker and afterward pour it in the martini glass, garnish with vodka-soaked pineapples and enjoy it.

Pineapple cosmo

So add 3 oz of pineapple-infused vodka, ½ oz of pineapple juice, some lime juice, and some triple sec of grenadine to the cocktail shaker. Shake it and afterward serve in the cocktail glass garnished with pineapple or cherry. 

You can read more about pineapple vodka cocktails here.

What can I do with the pineapple pieces?

So once you have separated all the pineapple-infused vodka, all you are left with is the pineapple chunks. So what you can do is to puree them and add them to the ice-cube tray with a bit of water and freeze them. You can use these pineapple ice cubes in your drinks.

You can even consume these vodka flavored pineapple chunks as it is or you can even use them to garnish and add that aesthetic look to your cocktail glasses.  

Tips for making and storing pineapple-infused vodka

  1. All the utensils (glass jar, bottle, etc.) should be properly sterilized.
  2. The counter on which you are carrying out the process should be clean.
  3. It is recommended not to use the core of the pineapple while making the pineapple infused vodka owing to its funky flavor.
  4. You should always use good quality vodka and pineapple to get yourself a pineapple-infused vodka of good quality.
  5. You should always pineapple-infused vodka at 40 °F or below in the refrigerator to preserve its flavor and freshness.
  6. It is better to store the pineapple-infused vodka bottle on one of the shelves of the refrigerator rather than the door as there is a lot of temperature fluctuation at the door of the fridge.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “How long does pineapple-infused vodka last” with an in-depth analysis of the shelf life of pineapple-infused vodka. Moreover, we discussed how to make pineapple-infused vodka and the tips for making and storing the pineapple-infused vodka properly.