How long does it take for oranges to grow? (5 key points)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, How long does it take for oranges to grow?’. We will look at the variables that cause oranges to grow at a range of different paces. We will look closely at the botanical process of orange reproduction.

How long does it take for oranges to grow?

Orange trees take three to five years to grow fully. Various factors account for the time taken for an orange tree to attain maturity. After the fruits start to grow, they take 7-8 months to become ripe.

Before harvesting begins, you need to ensure that the oranges have developed the optimum color and taste.

An orange tree will continue to grow oranges with its maximum potential for 15 years. The tree ages and reaches 40 years of age, which is when it stops producing fruit.

What are the phases of fruit production of an orange tree?

After the fruits start to appear, their maturity will vary depending on factors, such as cultivar and growing conditions. After the orange tree blossoms, you can expect to get ripe oranges after 7-15 months.

The first batch of fruit produced is within 3 years of tree growth. In the first juvenile phase, only a few fruits grow that are abnormally large.

After the flowers change into fruit, 12-15 months are required 

To determine the ripeness of the orange fruit, check the texture by squishing it gently. A ripe orange will be soft but will take over a few weeks to become sweet.

The orange is one of the most popular citrus fruits that grow on various trees, from dwarves to full-sized trees.

Oranges have to be planted six weeks after the frosty cold season when the soil and air temperatures are warm.

However, people who live in areas with perennial heat can grow oranges all year round. 

You can start to expect your orange tree to bear fruit as soon as it reaches 3 years of age. The orange tree may take longer to attain full height, but it will start to bear fruit long before that. 

To successfully obtain oranges or any other citrus fruit, keep in mind the following points.

  • Citrus fruits such as oranges take 6-8 months to ripen.
  • Oranges are a non-climacteric fruit which means that they will not ripen after being picked off the tree.
  • To guarantee the ripeness of the orange the taste is the best guide. You can experiment by tasting one of the fruits of a batch and proceed with the harvesting as you please.
  • To safely harvest oranges, cut them off using pruning shears or pull the stalk.
  • Before you store oranges, make sure that they are unbruised and undamaged, then store them at a cool temperature.

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How to grow oranges?

How soon can you expect to obtain fruit from your tree depends on the kind and size of tree you have planted. You may have either started with a tiny orange tree, graft a bud, or some seeds.

An orange tree, grafted onto a rootstock, will take up to 3 years to produce fruit.

A tree, transplanted from one container to the soil, will take 3-4 years to grow oranges properly.

The location where you decide to grow your orange tree must have well-draining soil and a sunny spot.

Citrus fruit will start budding in early winters and then continue to grow in the spring. The tree will produce tasteless oranges for a couple of years, after which the quality of the fruit will improve as the tree attains maturity.

Sweet oranges usually grow in the warm summers, while the Trovita grows in winters. 

The flower changes to fruit after pollination occurs. The pollens travel from the stamen to the stigma of a flower, where germination starts producing seeds. The seeds subsequently change to orange fruit.

To grow orange from the seed, follow the given particulars:

  • Soak orange seeds in water for 24 hours.
  • Use the traditional potting mix to plant the seeds in a tray.
  • The seeds must be put in warm and moist spots. 
  • After sprouting begins, you can expose the plant to direct sunlight. When the sprouts attain the right transplantable size, you can move them to individual pots. 
  • You will need big pots that allow the roots to expand and direct sunlight and good air circulation to match.

Oranges are not only delicious and nutritious but easy to grow as well. This well-liked citrus fruit is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. There are also a variety of oranges to pick from that suit your tastebuds well.

In this brief guide, we answered the question, How long does it for oranges to grow?’. We looked at the variables that cause oranges to grow at a range of different paces. We looked closely at the botanical process of orange reproduction.


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