How does Costco Cook their hot dogs?

In this brief article, we will answer how Costco cooks their hotdogs and five reasons why it tastes so delicious?

How does Costco Cook their hot dogs?

Costco hot dogs are perfect and inexpensive, which makes them everybody’s favorite meal. After spending a hefty amount of money inside Costco, what you need is a 1.50$ Hotdog to complete your shopping experience. Is it the price or the taste which makes it so delicious, is something we always wonder about?

Method to Cook Costco like Hotdogs:

First, let’s take a look at the recipe of how to get homemade hotdogs just like Costco:

  • 1.     Start by purchasing Costco Hot dogs and Buns. Costco has their hotdogs in house manufactured so that you can buy them in bulk from Costco
  • 2.     Steam the bun for almost10 minutes at low heat before you put the hotdog in it. Steamed Bun is the best when you want your hotdog to stick to it
  • 3.     Boil the Hot dog in beef stock for 30 minutes, don’t use water. The reason is that the taste of beef broth masks the salts of Hot dogs.
  • 4.     Put the boiled hotdog in the steamed bun, do it directly after removing hotdogs from the broth to get a good sticky hotdog
  • 5.     Now take an Aluminum foil and Wrap the Bun in it for 15 minutes. You can twist the endings so the steam won’t escape and press the sides so the bun sticks to the hotdog. Don’t push too hard otherwise, the bun loses puffiness and consistency.
  • 6.     Enjoy your homemade Costco Hotdog with different sauces of your choice, add relish onion to complete the look.

The method is not Costco approved, so we don’t know the accuracy, but this is the closest you can get to homemade Costco like Hot dogs. You can also experiment with steaming the Bun with Hot Dog inside it. But nothing will ever taste like the one you purchase from Costco food court.

Why does Costco Hot Dogs Taste so delicious?

Why? That’s still a question many people ask and never get the answer. In this article, we will explore some of the factors that might affect the taste.

1.     Cost of the Hotdog:

One of the reasons Costco hotdogs taste so delicious is because you get a whole deal in just 1$.  Exiting Costco after purchasing all the things we thought we needed but weren’t on our shopping list, holding the bill in our hands thinking where did all the money go, a 1$ hotdog seems like an insignificant purchase. But this negligible purchase will lift your mood and kill your hunger. Then why don’t you go for it?

2.     Sticky but not soft bun:

Costco’s hotdog has a unique feature that they stick to the bun, but they are not soggy. They always taste fresh and crisp with the perfect ratio of stickiness to freshness. Many people believe one of the reasons is steamed buns. Whatever the reason might be, the secret to tasting is still its perfect stickiness.

3.     Costco in-home manufacturing of Hotdogs:

For a long time now, Costco has been making their hotdogs with a manufacturing facility in Los Angeles and one in Chicago. One of the reasons to do this was to ensure quality and quantity. No matter the demand, Costco won’t go short of Hotdogs as they manufacture their own. The quality isn’t compromised either because of in-house manufacturing and quality control systems.

That’s why HotDogs from any other company doesn’t taste as good as Costco’s. their distinct taste is because they manufacture it themselves.

4.     100% beef:

Companies often prepare their hotdogs with all kinds of meat, including ground-up livers, kidneys, and animals’ hearts. Even the origin is sometimes questionable in many cases. But not in Costco; they make sure the hotdog has pure beef and nothing else. What makes it even more edible is the in-house manufacturing system, which guarantees quality in itself.

5.     Many toppings:

A single Hotdog of Costco offers 552 calories which are enough for a one-time meal but getting more and more calories at less price is a win-win. And just like the cherry on top, the sauces enhance the flavor and make it look more edible. A little mustard, Ketchup, relish onion, and Sauerkraut will decorate your hotdog. All of this makes it more delicious and healthy with no artificial additives.

All of these factors affect the appetizing appeal of Costco Hot dogs. Or, to be more exact, it increases the appeal to eat a hotdog every time you visit Costco. These Hotdogs are made of healthy ingredients with no unhealthy additives to ruin them. They are cheap, inexpensive, and perfect purchases. All of this added lifts the mood when you take the first bite.


In this brief article, we have answered the questions about how Costco cooks their hotdogs and explained five reasons why it tastes so delicious.



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