Can you eat orbit gum wrappers?

In this brief guide, we will provide an answer to the question, “Can you eat orbit gum wrappers?”. We will also elaborate on whether we can reuse orbit gum papers, the composition of orbit gum wrappers and the reason to avoid the consumption of orbit gum wrappers.

Can you eat orbit gum wrappers?

No, you can not eat orbit gum wrappers. Orbit gum wrappers are not intended for eating. 

Although some candies like Botan Rice candy are wrapped in paper which is edible, the wrapping sheet of orbit gum is inedible. It is because orbit gum wrappers are composed of wax paper.

Wrapping paper is only meant to preserve the orbit gum. Though, it will not cause any side effects in case you chew the paper, still it is not meant for human consumption. Furthermore, the overall effects of eating wrapping paper have not been completely defined yet.

Can we reuse orbit gum wrappers?

Nowadays, candies or gums are wrapped in a sheet made up of wax or plasticized paper. The foil paper is also being used by the food industries to wrap the candies. Unfortunately, we are unable to reuse these types of wrapping papers. 

The reason which does not allow us to reuse the wrapping paper is that the wrapping sheets are composed of various components which require a long and extensive mechanism to get separated, due to which they could not be reused.

What components are used in the production of wrapping paper?

In most cases, these wrapping sheets are being manufactured by the industries by using Aluminum foil laminate or wax papers. 

Major wrapping sheets are designed in two layers where a secondary layer of gum wrapping sheet is covered with the logo of the organization or with the campaign of the market.

What is an actual orbit gum?

The Wrigley Company is famous for making sugarless candies or chewing gums. The word “Orbit” denotes a brand of these chewing gums. In the United States, orbit gum was introduced in 2001 and was designed in a cardboard box that consists of 14 orbit gums, each individually wrapped per package.

While in the United Kingdom it originated in 1899, but at the initial level, this gum was a long traditional gum wrapped in a sheet, but later it also shifted towards the same pattern of gums that was being launched in the United States.

What products are launched by Orbit?

Some of the products manufactured by Orbit are named below:

  • Peppermint
  • Mint Mojito
  • Raspberry Mint
  • Mint
  • Winter mint
  • Freeze mint
  • Lemon-lime

These all products which are being launched by Orbit are wrapped in paper individually just for the sake of preservation. 

Although the wrapping sheet does not contain any harmful chemicals or substances that can cause serious illnesses, it is specified that these are not for ingestion.

Orbit white

Orbit white was started in 2002. It was launched by the organization as a pellet gum containing no sugar. Orbit white is also considered a sub-brand of Orbit gum. It was packaged in packs of the blister with 12 pieces. These were launched in a race of other candies such as Cadbury Adams’ Trident white gum. 

Orbit white also considered as a runner product of Orbit brand in 2001 which consists of the following products:

For kids

Orbit is a candy-forming organization that also considers kids for candy cravings. So, they have introduced some products which are specifically for kids. Some of these are:

  • Bubble gum
  • Grape, this product is mostly available online because in stores we can find it hard.
  • Banana and Strawberry

How can we recycle the orbit gum wrappers?

We can recycle the orbit gum wrappers in various ways as described below:

  • A purse or a dress could be made by arranging the wrapper in a chain.
  • The gum wrappers could be reused for making a coiled bowl or a vase.
  • The foil wrappers could be reused for making collage art.
  • Wrapping papers are also being used for beauty products to decorate fingernails.
  • In an emergency, when you are out of other papers, then you could reuse these wrapping sheets to start a fire.
  • Maurizio Savini, who is an Italian-born sculptor, used these wrapping sheets in his artwork. He also worked for stage designing where he used all his designs associated with wrapping paper.


In this brief guide, we have provided an answer to the question, “Can you eat orbit gum wrappers?”. We have also elaborated on whether we can reuse orbit gum papers, the composition of orbit gum wrappers and the reason to avoid the consumption of orbit gum wrappers.


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