Can you cook pizza on parchment paper?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “Can you cook pizza on parchment paper?” with an in-depth analysis of why and how we can cook pizza on parchment paper. Moreover, we are going to discuss the ways we can bake a pizza on parchment paper.

Can we cook pizza on parchment paper?

Yes, it is convenient to cook pizza on parchment paper.

Why should we use parchment paper to cook a pizza?

Sometimes, the dough of the pizza gets sticky and it is not convenient for you to roll it easily. Placing it on the parchment paper makes it easier to roll the dough and transfer it easily to the baking oven.

Steps to cook pizza using a parchment paper

Steps for preparing pizza dough on parchment paper:

  • Place a parchment paper on the slab or workplace.
  • Sprinkle a small quantity of flour on the parchment paper and then place the dough on it. 
  • Start rolling the dough. Once the dough is done, put all the desired ingredients such as meat cuts, sauces, tomatoes, cheese, etc on the top.
  • Your pizza dough is ready for baking!

Steps for baking with the parchment paper in the oven:

  • Preheat the oven at maximum temperature for 20 minutes.
  • Cut the parchment paper according to the size of the pizza stone in the oven.
  • Lift the parchment paper from both the right and left sides.
  • Place the prepared dough on the pizza stone in the oven.
  • Reset the temperature according to the optimum temperature required for baking the pizza.
  • Let it bake for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • After 15 minutes, check the pizza is fully cooked. Otherwise, rotate the pizza along with the parchment paper to get it cooked completely.
  • Once baked, take the pizza out of the baking oven and remove the parchment paper.
  • Your pizza is ready!

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Some dos and don’ts of the parchment paper:

  • Always take a single layer of the paper to prevent the crust from getting soggy.
  • Always cut the parchment paper only a bit larger than the pizza dough. 
  • Excess parchment paper can catch fire in case of an electric shock within an electric baking oven.
  • Do not use the parchment paper beneath the pizza in a manual baking oven which has a metallic grill for placing the food. These ovens have direct flames of the burning sources coming in contact with food and in the case of parchment paper, the paper can catch fire. Use the parchment paper to place the pizza in an electric baking oven on the pizza stone that does not use fire as a direct heat source.

Does parchment paper get cooked along with the pizza?

No, the parchment paper does not get baked or cooked along with the pizza. But it sticks to the crust in torn pieces and needs to be removed before eating. The color of the paper only darkens while baking.

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Does the parchment paper cause the crust to become mushy and soggy?

No, the parchment paper does not cause the pizza crust to become soggy or mushy. 

Parchment paper is not waterproof. It allows the heat and water vapors to pass through it. As the heat is applied to the dough, the water starts to form vapors and is easily eliminated from the dough. The parchment paper cannot entirely contain the water and also does not act as a hardcore insulator. Therefore, it does not make the pizza crust soggy. But the application of direct heat to the crust makes the crust crispier in the absence of parchment paper. 

What to do to make the pizza crust crispier in the presence of parchment paper? 

The parchment paper causes the pizza crust to get slightly soggy or soft. To avoid this or to make the crust crispier, just increase the baking time to a few more minutes. Along with this, you can also increase the temperature of the baking oven. Both techniques are helpful in getting rid of the softness of the pizza crust.

Can parchment paper be used on a tray in a baking oven?

First of all, using a tray is not advisable during baking as it acts as an insulator and prevents the flow of heat to the food being baked or cooked. Using the parchment paper will add to the insulation quality of the tray, leaving your food uncooked.

Can aluminum foil be used as a replacement for parchment paper for baking?

No, aluminum foil is waterproof and does not allow water to pass through it. This causes the retention of water within the food and it does not get baked or cooked properly. Therefore, it is not recommended to use aluminum foil during baking.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “Can you cook pizza on parchment paper?” with an in-depth analysis of how can we cook pizza on parchment paper. Moreover, we discussed the steps, dos, and don’ts of cooking pizza on parchment paper along with answering the questions related to parchment paper. 


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