Can you boil aquarium plants

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “Can you boil aquarium plants?” We will also discuss What are aquarium plants? What are the advantages of aquarium plants? What are the benefits of boiling aquarium plants? And finally How to boil aquarium plants?

Can you boil aquarium plants?

Yes, you can boil aquarium plants only with the plastic artificial ones, not the living plants, of course. Boiling will help in getting rid of the algae and makes scrubbing them off the plant surface easier.

This is an ideal method not only to clean but also to sterilise your aquarium plants from algae, parasites, and bacteria thereby restoring a balanced ecosystem for a healthy life without exposing your fish to the adverse side effects and toxicity caused by cleaning detergents and chemicals substances.

However, you should always be aware that boiling may cause some of your aquarium plants to fade or even worse to melt due to high boiling temperature because of their soft texture. 

So if you are an aquarium lover and still wondering how to maintain a clean and sterile aquarium and healthy environment, this article is just for you. It will answer all your questions and give you tips and tricks on how to safely and efficiently boil aquarium plants of all sizes, colours, and patterns so all that you need is to read carefully till the end.

What are aquarium plants?

Aquarium plants can be found in two forms: live and artificial, but since our article is about if you can boil aquarium plants then we will only focus on explaining all the information that is related to the artificial aquarium plants.

Artificial aquarium plants can be found online and in fish shops as accessories for the aquarium. They are usually made up of silk or plastic with a ceramic base, this form allows them to sink easily to the bottom of the aquarium. 

These plants are available in different bright attractive colours and patterns so that they will give beautiful decoration and a fresh natural look to your aquarium. 

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What are the advantages of aquarium plants?

Artificial aquarium plants are unique in their colours and textures, they are easy to deal with since they don’t need light, fertilisers, CO2, or pesticides. 

They also have a long lifespan because they will not die, alter their shape, grow in size, wilt, or decay, therefore they will retain their natural healthy fresh look without becoming unattractive or fouling the aquarium.

Besides, once the artificial aquarium plants become dirty or filled with algae they can be easily cleaned and boiled to restore their original new look before placing them back into the aquarium as we will see throughout this article.

We should also not forget that some fish types like to eat plants, so artificial aquarium plants are considered an ideal choice for such fish.

What are the benefits of boiling aquarium plants?

Boiling live aquarium plants will simply kill them. However, it is simply a perfect and fast method that you can use to efficiently clean and sterilise your plastic or silk artificial aquarium plants, by killing all the algae that accumulated over time making it easier for you to remove them and the stuck filth.

Besides boiling aquarium plants is considered to be a safe and eco-friendly method for both the fish and aquarium life compared to other cleaning methods using chemical substances.

How to boil aquarium plants?

Cleaning your aquarium plants using the boiling method has never been easy and fast, so if you are an enthusiast of trying it by yourself simply read the following steps and tips for a safe, quick, and easy way how to clean and sterilise aquarium plants by boiling.

  • Put some clean water into a pot and let boil
  • Once it is boiled, transfer the boiling water into a deep heat-resistant container
  • Dunk your fake aquarium plants into the boiling water and let them there for at least 10 minutes
  • Water will loosen most algae and residues from the aquarium plants
  • Use a gentle scrubber to scrub off the remaining algae that are still attached to the aquarium plants
  • Let your artificial aquarium plants cool down completely before placing them back in their place inside the aquarium


In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “Can you boil aquarium plants?” We have also discussed What are aquarium plants? What are the advantages of aquarium plants? What are the benefits of boiling aquarium plants? And finally How to boil aquarium plants?

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