Can I cook lasagna in a foil pan?

In this brief article we will answer the question “Can I cook lasagna in a foil pan?” and “how to cook lasagna in a foil pan”. We’ll also take a look at alternatives of foil pan and tips to make a perfect lasagna.

Can I cook lasagna in a foil pan?

Yes, you can cook lasagna in a foil pan. Foil pans are usually made of aluminum which is an excellent conductor of heat and helps distribute it evenly throughout the pan. It will give you homogeneously cooked lasagna.

Aluminum has a very high melting point. Thus there is no concern related to charring, burning or melting when you cook lasagna in an aluminum foil pan. Moreover, baking in a foil pan spares you from the extra hustle of washing the dish and removing hard crusty stains. 

How to cook lasagna in  a foil pan?

Here are the steps you can take to cook lasagna in a foil pan. 

  • Prep the ingredient, sauce and noodle as per the recipe you are following 
  • Line the inside of the foil pan with the parchment paper or spray it with oil to prevent sticking 
  • Layer the sauce on the bottom, so the pasta sheet does not stick and start layering the rest of the ingredients
  • Top with sauce and shredded cheese generously 
  • Cover the pan with aluminum foil and put it in the oven 
  • Bake at 350 degrees for about and hour until the cheese melts
  • Bake uncovered until the top layer of cheese grills 

What else can be used to cook lasagna? 

As aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat, it is often preferred over baking pan and dishes. However there are several alternatives available that you can use instead. One advantage of using such pans is that you can take them from oven to table scooping out lasagna or plating it.

Below we have narrowed down our top alternative to the foil pan.

  • Cast iron pan
  • Aluminized steel dish 
  • Pyrex glass pan 
  • Porcelain bake dish 

How to make a perfect lasagna everytime?

Lasagna is a combination dish that contains all of the flavors and ingredients. The art of making a perfect lasagna lies in the balance of all the ingredients combined. It includes the recipe you used, ingredients, and how you layer your noodles. Here is how you can make a perfect lasagna everytime. 

Pork and ground beef combo 

Beef only mince works level with the pasta dish, but if you want to add more flavor to your past pork is a must. Use the ground beef and ground pork in the ratio of 1;1. It will help add substance to your lasagna. 

Add in the bechamel 

The signature white sauce mixed with cheese goes a long way to make your lasagna extra rich and creamy. Using bechamel in the layering will also cut out the sharp tangy taste of tomato sauce and balance it out.

Pick the right cheese 

Whole milk cheese choice for ricotta and mozzarella takes your lasagna to a whole new level.  If you don’t plan on cutting down calories, then whole milk cheeses are best for making amazing lasagna. Go for fresh variety for the added flavor. 

Use no boil pasta sheets 

No-boil pasta sheets are a life-saver when it comes to lasagna. Using no boil sheets will save the pre-boiling time and you can move directly onto layering after making mince and sauce. Moreover, they don’t get soggy like boiled noodles while baking. 

How to freeze lasagna in a foil pan? 

To freeze lasagna it is preferred that you don’t bake the dish prior to freezing. Moreover, avoid layering the top layer of cheese if you plan on freezing the lasagna in a foil. Here is how you can freeze lasagna in a foil pan. 

  • Line the foil pan with parchment paper to create a barrier
  • Assemble all the layers of lasagna over parchment paper
  • Layer only the sauce on the top 
  • Cover the pan in cling film thoroughly to keep out air. 
  • Wrap tin foil around the cling film to avoid freeze burns to the ingredients.
  • Label the covering with the date of freezing 
  • Put it down on the lowermost surface of the freezer to freeze.

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In this brief article we answered the question “Can I cook lasagna in a foil pan?” and “how to cook lasagna in a foil pan”. We also discussed the alternatives of foil pan and tips to make a perfect lasagna.


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