Can dogs eat ram horns?

In this article, we will briefly answer the query, “Can dogs eat ram horns?” along with some other questions like How does ram horn affect the dental health of dogs? And what are the best horns for your dogs to chew on?

Can dogs eat ram horns?

Yes, dogs can eat ram horns. They are safe for your dogs to chew on. Dogs have the habit of chewing everything, especially the bones. Some horns are digestible if eaten by your dog. You shouldn’t be worried about the digestible horns.

How do ram horns affect the dental health of your dog?

There are several benefits of chewing, but the important one is it takes care of the teeth. Chewing helps to remove the excess amount of plaque and dental tartar from the teeth. Chewing also helps your dog to tackle boredom. Boredom can lead to anxiety issues and certain bad habits.

Dogs love to chew everything, and their loved chewing material is bones. Horns are the type of bones, it seems a good gift from nature to the dogs. But here is the thing, horns have bad effects on your dog’s dental health.

Horns are hard to chew on. The major problem arises when your dog breaks his tooth. A broken tooth can lead to wounds, infection, and abscess formation. Wounds can lead to pain and distress. Dogs will not eat much because of the dental pain and weakness that accompanies this problem.

What are the Other hazards of horns?

Antlers can prove deadly for your dog. Broken bones can result in choking. Broken antlers lodge in the esophagus, which can have serious complications. 

One of the hazards is chunks and splinters. The broken horns not only block the path to the stomach, but their sharp points can also damage the stomach, causing wounds and lesions in it.

Sharp points of horns are dangerous for the mouth too. Sharp points can damage the gums and cause bleeding.

Besides this, if your dog broke a tooth, there is also the cost of treatment that you should consider. Treating such conditions costs a lot.

What are Different types of horns and their benefits?

Following are some common animal horns that are good for your dog to chew on:

Water buffalo horns

Water buffalo horns are safe for your dogs because they have flakes, not splinters. It is a fun activity for your dog. One best thing about water buffalo horns is that they soften over time. The saliva of the dog softens it, so dental problems are rare in this case.

Water buffalo horns have a big size, so they will last longer for your dog. They have a wide base that gives a suitable surface area for your dog to chew on.

Elk antlers 

Elk antlers are different from deer antlers. Elk antlers are soft, and they can be given to puppies and small dogs. As we have discussed above, horns can cause broken teeth because they have a hard outer covering.

Elkhorns have a soft outer covering and are easily chewable. Unlike deer horns, elk antlers are good chewable toys for your dogs. 

There are two types of elk antlers available in the market. They are whole elk antlers and split elk antlers. Both are good sources of entertainment for your dogs.

Goat horns

It is beneficial to give your dog goat horns. Goat horns are an excellent source of nutrients for your dog. Some of the horns have a problem; your dog does not want to eat them. As we know, bones have several minerals in them, and they prove beneficial for your dog’s health.

The best thing about goat horns is it is edible. The taste of goat horn is appealing to your dog. Goat horns have several benefits:

  • Goat horns are long-lasting and easy to chew on because of their taste; you do not need to replace them early.
  • Goat horns are straight from nature. It is 100% safe for your dogs. There are no artificial additives and no preservatives at all. 
  • Goat horns are beneficial for your dog’s dental health too. As we have discussed above, dogs spend much of their time chewing bones. These goat horns will help dogs to remove excess plaque and dental tartar from teeth.

Sheep and lamb horns

Like other horns, sheep and lamb horns are also beneficial for your dog. But if you have a low budget and you want to buy inexpensive horns, then sheep and lamb horns will be your best choice.

They are safe and a little bit tougher than the deer or the elk antlers. They are natural with no added preservatives in them.

There are several sheep breed horns available, like Dall sheep horns in the market.


In this article, we briefly answered the query, “Can dogs eat ram horns?” We also discussed other questions like what are the health hazards of horns? And what are the best horns you can give to your dog?