Will eggs spoil if left out? (1 unique tip)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, ‘Will eggs spoil if left out?’. We will explore the factors that could spoil our eggs left out and egg-handling procedures that vary from country to country.

Will eggs spoil if left out?

Whether eggs spoil or not at room temperature is subjective. It depends on the country you are from and what the egg treatment process is. If you are from the UK or Europe, you must be used to buying eggs that have been sitting at room temperature.

If you bought eggs stored in a fridge in the USA, you need to refrigerate and not leave them out. In countries where eggs are washed before being sold are prone to spoilage at room temperature.

According to USDA, eggs left for more than two hours must be discarded.

However, in such an instance, other factors come into play, such as the environmental temperature. 

Moreover, if you left the eggs in the car instead of the room, the temperature fluctuation will cause your eggs to spoil more quickly. 

The egg guide for the US

Eggs are the best harbor of bacteria. If left out at room temperature, you can expect the bacterial growth to start immediately, especially if you are from the US.

In the USA, the eggs are washed first, which devoids the eggs from their protective outer coating. The cuticle or bloom retains if the eggs were not washed before the selling process.

The washing cleans the eggs off the dirt, fecal matter, and even bacteria. Then the eggs are sprayed to prevent contamination.

Eggs spoil sooner if they weren’t cared for immediately after being laid. Temperature control is essential, for eggs to ensure the best quality possible.

Other countries such as Australia, Japan, Sweden follow a similar procedure as the USA. That means that your eggs must be refrigerated.

In case your ambient temperature exceeds 90 Fahrenheits, do not leave your eggs out for more than an hour.

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Why must you prevent eggs from spoiling?

Eggs are home to the Salmonella bacteria, the particular bacteria is common in poultry. Salmonella can make you very sick with symptoms like diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. To avoid this unpleasant form of food poisoning, avoid leaving the eggs out.

At a temperature higher than the refrigeration, the bacteria reproduce and produce toxins. When it comes to eggs, Samonella poisoning has a high probability ratio.

In an instance where eggs were left out for a long period at an unsafe temperature, it is best to practice caution. If you are not content with your egg-handling procedure, it is best to throw them out, especially if you are prone to food poisoning. 

According to FDA, Salmonella poisoning caused by consuming spoilt eggs alone is responsible for 79 000 cases and 30 deaths annually. 

As the egg layer washes off, the egg is now susceptible to bacteria through the shell. At a temperature below 40 Fahrenheit, you are minimizing bacterial growth. Here, the bacteria in eggs can not thrive, considering that the eggs were handled and stored properly. 

Refrigeration in the UK and Europe

Some countries do not refrigerate their eggs. In countries such as the UK, it is common to find eggs in the unrefrigerated aisle. 

Countries like the UK vaccinate their chickens against Salmonella; hence the odds of getting sick from this particular bacteria is diminished.

If you get your eggs from a local supplier or your backyard, you need to confirm if they were washed and sanitized.

If the eggs have not been refrigerated, they can be left out for a week. But once stored in the refrigerator, the eggs will spoil if left for more than two hours.

Once the eggs experience the cool environment of the fridge, do not leave them out for more than two hours. 

Otherwise, if you keep eggs in the fridge, the shelf-life extends to three to four weeks. 

Before eggs spoil, the quality starts to deteriorate. The air pockets in the egg grow larger that makes the egg dry out.

If you left your egg in the open, cook the egg thoroughly to eliminate any bacteria. However, if the eggs were left for more than a couple of hours, you must throw them out. 

When you cook eggs, you are only destroying the bacteria. However, when you let the bacteria multiply by leaving the eggs at a high temperature, the toxins produced can not be eliminated and can make you very sick.

Hence, the precaution for egg-handling must be attuned according to the country that you purchase the eggs.

In this brief guide, we answered the question, ‘Will eggs spoil if left out?’. We explored the factors that could spoil our eggs if left out and egg-handling procedures that usually differ with the country.