Why soak the chicken in milk? 

In this brief guide, we will discuss the question “why soak the chicken in milk? ” its benefits, methods, and duration of soaking.

Why soak the chicken in milk? 

Chicken is soaked in milk to make it soft and delightful. The majority of us enjoy chicken. It is among the most nutritious proteins available. We grill it, fry it, cook it, sauté it, stir it, simmer it; pick a cooking technique and you can expect that somebody, somehow, cooks our favorite chicken in that manner.

 However, occasionally it turns out stiff, gritty, and tasteless for whatever reason, which is what soaking chicken in milk is supposed to fix.

How does soaking work in milk?

According to Russin, a known chemist who considers meat to be a jelly and proposes that it is “a clump of water inside protein molecules.” He used curd and buttermilk as instances of milk substitutes that include lactic acid, which disintegrates protein membranes.

The meat or poultry becomes sourer as the soaking procedure progresses, allowing it to retain more fluids. It resembles a dried cushion. When you immerse it in water, it softens.

The lactic acid in dairy speeds up a chemical reaction while this is going on. It makes it easier for enzymes to disintegrate proteins from within, rather than from the outside though. Collagen is also degraded. Since collagen is just what lends meat its strong structure, it weakens when it breaks down.

What will be the duration of soaking chicken?

The duration depends on the type of medium used while soaking.

Probiotic source

The medium can be either buttermilk or curd. It’s preferable to soak the chicken the night before. The healthy bacteria that you’ll need to soften the meat will take a long time to do their function. The activity is really sensitive.

Acidic source

Acidic marinades aren’t the same as regular seasoning. The acid functions at a significantly quicker and more intensive rate. If you make a stew using white vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, for instance, you only need to keep it for a good few hours for either to perform.

If you hold it longer than that, the chicken will become stiff. It’s similar to how you would boil an egg. If you leave it longer than four minutes, your soft, flowing egg will turn difficult.

Acidic sauces are the most usually applied. Citric acid, vinegar, and other seasonings and spices are among the ingredients. Acid-based marinades are ideal for dishes like lime marinated chicken breasts.

Breaded or deep-fried source

If you’re planning to do anything like breaded, deep-fried chicken, the probiotic soaking activity will be more beneficial.

Immerse the chicken in probiotic milk or curd, or a combination of the two, as well as some other seasonings, overnight.

The next day, blot them fresh with paper towels, coat them in egg whites, cover them in bread, and deep fry them in hot oil until golden brown.

Some cooks choose to take a conservative approach. Their marinades are made using a combination of acids and probiotics. This recipe just requires two hours of simmering time. The ultimate result is a delicious, moist, somewhat sour chicken.

 What are the tips for soaking chicken?

  • When keeping the marinated chicken in the refrigerator, it is preferable to do it on one of the racks rather than on the entrance, as there is a significant more temperature variation at the porch, which might affect the marinated chicken’s taste.
  • It’s a great way to keep the marinated chicken on the refrigerator’s lowest level. The justification for this is because it is the coolest place in the fridge, preventing the marinated chicken from spilling onto other products and reducing the danger of cross-contamination.
  • Since bacterial growth occurs at a quicker rate between the temperatures of 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, letting your marinated chicken for more than 2 hours increases the prevalence of the chicken getting infected with bacteria.
  • The marinated chicken should be preserved in a polyethylene bag in the freezer, but you can cover it in tinfoil or kitchen roll before putting it in a ziplock bag to give it an additional layer of protection and prevent freezer burns.


I have discussed the question “why soak the chicken in milk? “ different methods or sources to marinate chicken and important things to remember while soaking the chicken. 

I hope you liked this blog and please comment down if you have any questions.


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