Why should you start using coffee grounds twice?

In this text, we will answer the query “Why should you start using coffee grounds twice”.  We will show the effects of coffee grounds on the environment if disposed of incorrectly and how to take advantage of this residue.

Why should you start using coffee grounds twice?

Coffee grounds can be applied to food products. However, other applications are possible, such as the formation of biodegradable films.

Seeking to reduce the problems caused by the production and disposal of conventional materials and in view of the large amount of waste generated by coffee production annually, a study showed how the main objective, the development of a biomaterial, more specifically the production of films from the coffee grounds.

What are the losses of discarding coffee grounds?

The disposal of coffee grounds in landfills or direct use of it for composting or feeding animals should be avoided because it presents substances such as caffeine, tannins and polyphenols.

This residue can be toxic to the ecosystem of groundwater, agriculture or the organism of animals. In addition, the high lignin content, around 25%, is considered a limiting factor in the use of the coffee grounds as feed for ruminants, pigs, birds and rodents.

In this way, like most residues, the coffee grounds also reveal themselves as an environmental problem.

However, it is a potential by-product as it is rich in organic compounds such as fatty acids, amino acids, polyphenols, minerals and especially polysaccharides, being able to generate value-added products if given a suitable destination.

While the substances extracted from the roasted beans for the production of the beverage represent about 5 to 10% of the cherry coffee, the dregs are responsible for 45 to 50% (m/m). Thus, it presents a considerable volume.

How to keep cats away using coffee?

Save your used coffee grounds. Cats are known to dislike the pungent smell of coffee. If you drink coffee regularly, store your used powder daily or get it from a neighbor or at work and dry it. Collect enough dust to cover the areas you want to protect.

Save orange peels. Cats are also known to dislike citrus fruits. Store orange, lemon or lime peels in a sealed container to retain moisture and fragrance until used.

Grate the skins of the stored fruits. You can use a small knife or a cheese grater. Cut the shells into small pieces, making sure not to leave large chunks. Do this until they have the consistency of wet gravel.

Mix the dried coffee grounds and orange peels with the soil on the surface. Purchased land may have additional fertilizer, but using your garden’s natural soil will also be effective. Mix the three elements leaving an even mixture.

Spread the mixture evenly around the plants and areas to be protected, particularly where your plants are damaged, places where cats defecate or serve as entry points.

If your feline or the one in the house next door hasn’t learned that the right place for pee and poop is the litter box, the tip is to spread roasted coffee beans in the place where he usually needs to go.

Coffee grounds as fertilizer

Reusing coffee grounds is not only reducing the waste that went to the landfill but also using something that would be completely unusable to revive with a new purpose. By adding the dregs to the garden, you can create your own fertilizer. 

Coffee grounds can make gardens thrive, especially for plants that naturally like acidic soil, which needs nitrogen and potassium. Low-nutrient gardens can benefit from adding coffee grounds to the soil, and there are many other ways to use these grounds around the garden to make your plants thrive.

Excellent for growing mushrooms, the coffee grounds, which often go to waste, is an excellent fertilizer and ant repellent. Rich in nitrogen, just mix it with earth and apply it on the site. Azaleas and dandelions flower more often when fertilized with coffee.

To enhance the carrot crop, mix the seeds with fresh coffee grounds before planting. The extra volume will make seeding easier, as the smell of coffee will repel root larvae and other pests. As a bonus, the sludge will add nutrients to the soil as it decomposes around the plants. It’s also a good idea to add some radish seeds to the mix before planting. 

The radishes will grow in a few days to mark the rows, and while you’re cultivating them, you’ll be taking care of the carrot shoots and treating the soil at the same time.

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In this text, we answered the query “Why should you start using coffee grounds twice”.  We showed the effects of coffee grounds on the environment if disposed of incorrectly and how to take advantage of this residue.





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