Why is Uber Eats delivery fee so high in 2022? (+3 Uber Eats Pros)

This blogpost will explain why the Uber Eats delivery fee is so high in 2022. We will also discuss the various other fees that you can find in Uber Eats and other food delivery apps. Furthermore, we will describe the advantages of using an app like Uber Eats to order food. Uber Eats operates in six continents and is definitely the largest food delivery app today.

Why is Uber Eats delivery fee so high in 2022?

The Uber Eats delivery fee is so high in 2022 mainly due to rising fuel costs. In addition to the costs of fuel, the delivery fee is also high as the demand for delivery persons is much higher than the number who are available to deliver. In addition to this, if the customer is ordering food during peak hours, they can be subject to a higher delivery fee.

Types of fees in Uber Eats

Uber Eats and other food delivery apps have a number of fees other than the cost of the food which the customer has to pay for. The different types of fees that are available in Uber Eats have been described as follows.

The cost of the food

The cost of the food is the biggest fee that the customer will need to pay in Uber Eats. This can vary depending on the restaurant that the customer is choosing. The prices of the dish in the Uber Eats app will definitely be a little higher than the menu in the restaurant. The cost of the food can be reduced through special offers and discount codes which are available in the promo section.

The delivery charges

There are also delivery charges in Uber Eats that the customer has to pay for. These delivery charges mainly depend on the location of the customer and the location of the restaurant and the distance between the two. The delivery fees can also depend on the type of the day in which the order is being placed.

The service fee

The customer will also need to pay a service fee for using the services of the app. This fee is present for the customer and also the restaurant merchant. Restaurants which are using their own delivery couriers will not require a service fee.

The delivery adjustment fee

There is also a delivery adjustment fee if the customer decides to make changes in their order once the food preparation has begun. The delivery adjustment fee will also be applied if the customer is changing the delivery address. This will vary depending on the types of changes.

The small order fee

There is also a small order fee in Uber Eats and other apps that will be applied when the customer has an order subtotal that is less than the minimum order. The small order fee can be avoided if the customer adds more items to their cart.

The busy fee

There is also a busy fee that will be applied if the customer is opting for an order during peak hours and busy hours. The peak hours will differ from region to region and are usually during lunch hours and evenings on weekends.

The priority fee

A priority fee will be applied if the customer wants their order to be delivered in a very short span of time. When the order is on priority status, the delivery person will come to the customer directly without picking or delivering any other order.

The CA driver’s benefits fee

If the customer is residing in California, they will be subject to a CA driver’s benefits fee. This fee goes toward the fund for independently contracted delivery drivers and brings benefits like health care stipends, insurance, a minimum earnings guarantee among other benefits.

Advantages of using Uber Eats

There are plenty of advantages that one can experience while using an app like Uber Eats. Some of these advantages have been explored in the following section:

Uber Eats has a large collection 

Uber Eats often has a pretty smart way of curating a large collection of restaurants. Due to the variety that is present here, even the pickiest eater can find what they are looking for in this restaurant. Restaurants that serve high-end cuisines as well as very inexpensive eateries can be found in the same space.

It offers Uber One privileges

Uber Eats also brings plenty of privileges to members of Uber One. Uber One is a monthly subscription by which members can enjoy benefits such as free delivery on an unlimited number of orders. The members of Uber One will also get their first taste of special offers and discounts in the Uber Eats app.

It has a variety of payment methods

Uber Eats also accepts payment through various modes. Here, the customer can pay for their food order using a credit card, a debit card and even online banking. They can also pay throug digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Amazon Pay. Uber cash is also accepted in Uber Eats.


This blogpost has explained why the Uber Eats delivery fee is so high in 2022. We have also discussed the various other fees that you can find in Uber Eats and other food delivery apps. Furthermore, we have described the advantages of using an app like Uber Eats to order food.

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