Why is Starbucks unavailable on Uber Eats? (+9 Pros for restaurants)

In this article, we will answer why Starbucks is unavailable on Uber Eats. Furthermore, we will look at the advantages of partnering with Uber Eats for restaurants in particular. In addition to this, we will explain the various requirements that restaurant merchants must have in order to become a partner in Uber Eats.

Why is Starbucks unavailable on Uber Eats?

Starbucks might be unavailable on Uber Eats as the ‘Starbucks Delivers’ feature is not present for all the locations and all the outlets. This is particularly because there are many items that can be difficult to deliver to the customer with the required quality and freshness. For this, Starbucks has also redesigned its menu in such a manner.

Advantages of being an Uber Eats restaurant partner

More and more restaurants are tying up with On-Demand food delivery apps such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub and many more. The reason for this is that On-Demand delivery apps can bring more customers in addition to several other benefits for the restaurants. Some of the benefits that restaurants can experience by partnering with Uber Eats in particular are,

More number of customers

The most important advantage that any restaurant can experience by tying up with an On-Delivery app like Uber Eats is that they can get access to a higher number of customers here. Thereby, the restaurant will now serve more than just the customers in the nearby blocks. This can help increase the restaurant’s profit and also give far-off customers a taste of this menu.

Better marketing

By partnering with Uber Eats, the restaurant partners can create a better and a bigger market for themselves. The app itself is highly popular and well-rated and thus the restaurant can be exposed to a newer crowd on a daily basis. In addition to this factor, there are also many other marketing tactics that Uber Eats undertakes on a regular basis to promote its restaurants.

Great for COVID-19 times

The onset of the coronavirus pandemic almost brought a standstill to the restaurant business as customers did not want to be physically present among other people in a closed space. In times like these, restaurants can find great advantage by partnering with On-Demand food delivery apps where customers also feel safe enough to have outside food.

On time delivery for customers

Uber Eats has not only amassed a large number of customers but also a great number of delivery persons. These delivery drivers will ensure that the package from the restaurant is delivered safely to the customer without any breakage or spillage. The food is also delivered right on time, thus encouraging the customer to keep ordering from the restaurant.

Restaurant manager feature

Uber Eats gives each new restaurant partner a tablet at the time of signing up. In this tablet, the restaurant partner can find a feature called ‘Restaurant Manager’. This is the app that takes care of all the incoming orders and other proceedings in the restaurant. This is a pretty smart tool that can literally ‘manage’ all the work for a restaurant partner, thus making their work a lot easier.

In addition to the management of the restaurant, this feature can also be used to learn more about the customer population. The ‘Restaurant Manager’ comes with inbuilt statistical features that can study the customer population and give appropriate feedback to the restaurant partner who can optimize their menu appropriately.

Ability to get featured

Uber Eats also has a features section where restaurants of a particular type are featured for better and smarter viewing. This can gather even more customers for those restaurants who are showcased here. To get featured here, the restaurant should fulfill a certain criteria such as a particular ‘cuisine type’ or even a price range.

Superb filters

Uber Eats also has superb filters that can make it easy for the customer to find a particular restaurant. Thus, if the restaurant can be categorized as a certain type, it can be easily searched for by the customer using the filters in the app. This can bring even more loyal customers to Uber Eats.

Uber One membership

To make sure that customers keep coming to a restaurant day after day, Uber Eats gives out an Uber One membership.  Through this membership, the customer can enjoy plenty of benefits such as zero delivery charges for an unlimited number of orders. This can further encourage them to keep ordering from the restaurant in Uber Eats.

Group ordering feature

There is also a group ordering feature that is present in Uber Eats that allows large groups to place orders easily from the restaurant partner. The great thing about this group ordering feature is that the bill can be split very easily among a large group, thus giving them further incentive to order from that particular restaurant through Uber Eats.

Requirements for restaurant merchants in Uber Eats

Restaurants who want to partner with Uber Eats need to have certain requirements, like,

  • The restaurant should be present in a location that is covered by Uber Eats
  • The restaurant should have a valid license
  • The application to become a restaurant partner should contain a menu of the restaurant

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In this article, we have answered why Starbucks is unavailable on Uber Eats. Furthermore, we have looked at the advantages of partnering with Uber Eats for restaurants in particular. In addition to this, we have explained the various requirements that restaurant merchants must have in order to become a partner in Uber Eats.

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