Why is Postmates merging with Uber Eats? (+5 Features of both)

This article will explain why Postmates is merging with Uber Eats. We will also be looking at certain useful features that are available in Postmates, which can certainly be useful for any customer. Lastly, we will be discussing the different features that are available in Uber Eats that make it such a popular On-Demand food delivery app.

Why is Postmates merging with Uber Eats?

Postmates is merging or has merged with Uber Eats mainly to supply the latter with more delivery couriers. It is a well-known fact that Uber Eat faces a massive driver shortage and in order to immediately solve this problem, it has merged with Postmates. This is one of the tactics that Uber Eats has employed in order to find profitability in its tenure of operations.

Useful features in Postmates

Postmates was founded in 2011 with an aim to deliver anything and everything to the customer. It has created a solid name for itself in food delivery, particularly due to its on-time guarantee. The different useful features that are available in Postmates have been explored in the following section.

Postmates has live tracking features

Postmates has a live tracking feature through which the user will be able to track the location of their order easily and very quickly. Once the customer places an order and the restaurant accepts it, the customer will be redirected to a map feature that shows them the exact location of their food order.

It allows multiple payment methods

Multiple payment methods are also available in Postmates (https://postmates.com/ ). This means that the customer has a lot more freedom when they are paying for their food order in Postmates. The multiple payment methods in Postmates include credit cards, debit cards, online banking, PayPay accounts and even cash options.

It has the Postmates party feature

There is also a Postmates Party feature here that can be pretty economical. In this Postmates Party feature, the customer can order from any listed restaurant that other customers nearby are also ordering from and then get zero delivery charges. The listed restaurants can vary depending on the current trend.

It also has retail delivery

Postmates has also stepped into retail delivery as well. In this feature, the users can order goods from nearby shops in their area. Through the ‘Shop’ tab in Postmates, the customer will be able to see the various products that are available for delivery from nearby stores in their area. This feature showcases shops such as Timbuk2 and Urbanic.

It is more than only food

Postmates is not only about food but also delivers groceries and many other goods. All this is brought to the customer at a guaranteed delivery time of less than one hour. In addition to groceries, the customer can also order alcohol through Postmates, provided they are able to show the right identification.

Features available in Uber Eats

Uber Eats has a wide variety of features that make it perhaps the most popular food delivery app in the world today. The very best features of Uber Eats have been showcased in the points below.

Uber Eats allows scheduled orders

Uber Eats allows orders to be placed much ahead of time. Through this feature, the customer can place an order in Uber Eats before a period of seven days. The customer can also order from multiple places when they are placing scheduled orders. When the order has been placed, the customer will be notified through push alerts.

It has a map feature

There is also a map feature that is available in Uber Eats. When the customer picks a location on the map that has been given, they will be shown the different restaurants and eateries that are operating in the nearby locations. The customer can thus order from a restaurant and get the food delivered in a short span of time or can choose a nearby pick-up option.

It allows group orders

Customers can also place group orders in Uber Eats. Any one member of the group can create an order in Uber Eats after which the other members can add their items to the cart. The bill can be paid for by one person or can be split between the various members separately. The group order can thus be great for workplaces and even informal social gatherings.

It has the Uber One membership

There is also a Uber One membership in Uber Eats which can be availed at a price of $9.99 for a month or $99.99 for the whole year. By getting an Uber One, the customers will enjoy certain advantages like zero delivery charges for an unlimited number of orders, as long as it crosses the minimum limit set by Uber Eats.

It has a large collection of restaurants

There is also a pretty large collection of restaurants in Uber Eats, which can be great for customers and also the delivery drivers who are bound to receive a large number of requests. The variety of restaurants in Uber Eats covers all types of price ranges and also all types of cuisines.


This article has explained why Postmates is merging with Uber Eats. We have also looked at certain useful features that are available in Postmates, which can certainly be useful for any customer. Lastly, we have discussed the different features that are available in Uber Eats that make it such a popular On-Demand food delivery app.

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