Why is KFC more expensive on Uber Eats? (+3 Tips for users)

This article will explain why KFC is more expensive on Uber Eats. We will also describe why KFC is actually so well-liked even today. Finally, we will mention a few ways in which you can save money while ordering food on Uber Eats. Uber Eats is one of the most popular food delivery apps today and delivers across more than 45 countries.

Why is KFC more expensive on Uber Eats?

KFC is more expensive on Uber Eats as the food delivery app has a number of fees that are added to the bill. Some of the fees that you might encounter on Uber Eats while placing an order for some finger-lickin’ chicken from KFC have been described as follows.

Delivery fee

The delivery fee in Uber Eats will form a major chunk of the order subtotal. This delivery fee in Uber Eats depends largely on the location of the customer and the location of the restaurant and the distance between these two. Those who are members of Uber One do not have to pay any delivery fee for an unlimited number of deliveries.

Service fee

There is also a service fee that is present in Uber Eats. This service fee is for actually using the Uber Eats app to deliver food. Those restaurants who are using their own couriers and do not need to use the delivery drivers in Uber Eats will not require a service fee.

Busy fee

A busy fee in Uber Eats will be applied when the order is placed during peak hours or busy hours. These peak hours often vary from city to city but are often during lunch hours and also weekend evenings. The busy fee can also vary based on the situation.

Delivery adjustment fee

There is also a delivery adjustment fee in Uber Eats if the customer is deciding to make changes in their order, such as ordering a side or an accompaniment after the order has been placed. This fee will also be applied if the customer is changing the address of the delivery after the order has been placed.

Priority fee

If the customer requires the food to be delivered very soon, a priority fee will be applied. This priority fee means that the delivery person will not stop for any other pickups or deliveries on the way.

CA driver’s benefits fee

If you are residing in California, you will be required to pay a CA driver’s benefits fee according to Proposition 21. This fee will go toward the funds in the benefits to provide health care stipends for the drivers, a minimum earnings guarantee and other advantages.

Why is KFC so popular even today?

There is hardly a person in the world today who has not heard of KFC. This fried chicken brand is more popular than other fast-food chains and is popular even in Asian countries. Some of the reasons why KFC is so popular have been listed in the following points.

It caters to all tastes

The thing about KFC is that it caters all tastes that a human being can have. The herbs and spices that are used in the chicken taste sweet, salty, spicy, umami and many others all at the same time. Due to this nature, the chicken tastes amazing to all individuals and cultures which have different fundamentals of cooking and taste.

They customize the menus

KFC wants to dominate the fast-food scene in every city and every locality. For this, it borrows ideas from the local cuisine in order to attract more and more customers. This tactic is followed by almost every other fast-food brand. But KFC does it even a little better due to its flavorsome chicken that is the star of every dish.

They use fresh ingredients

Another thing about KFC that makes it so popular is that the ingredients are fresh and never frozen. This includes the main ingredient of it all, the chicken. KFC partners with only the best suppliers and vendors in town to ensure that the customers are served high-quality and fresh chicken.

KFC is available everywhere

KFC is available in more 145 countries all over the world and serves customers in more than 25,000 stores. The Colonel’s chicken is thus enjoyed by all cultures, communities and even economic classes as the menu has been designed in such a manner. This easy availability of KFC is one of the main reasons why this brand has remained no.1 in the fried chicken industry.

How to save money on Uber Eats?

If you are a regular customer of Uber Eats, you will know how expensive it can be to order food through this app. Some ways to help you save money on this amazing app have been discussed in this section.

  • Get an Uber One subscription. Through this you can enjoy free delivery on unlimited orders and get first tastes of special offers and discounts.
  • You can also check the promos section in the app for offers and discounts that can greatly help you save money.
  • Ensure that your portions are large enough to avoid the Small Order Fee. You can always save the leftovers for later.

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This article has explained why KFC is more expensive on Uber Eats. We have also described why KFC is actually so well-liked even today. Finally, we have mentioned a few ways in which you can save money while ordering food on Uber Eats.

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