Why does Uber Eats scan my card? (+7 On-Demand app pros)

This blogpost will answer why Uber Eats scans your card. We will also explain the different steps through which you can scan your card in Uber Eats. Finally, we will explain the actual importance of the On-Demand food delivery apps, such as Uber Eats. Uber Eats is currently operational in more than 45 countries, across six continents.

Why does Uber Eats scan my card?

Uber Eats scans your card in order to collect your details for the payment. To make things easier for the customer, Uber Eats scans the card and saves the information on the platform so that the customer can use it to make payments for their food order. As an alternative, the customer can also enter their card details manually if they wish to.

How to scan your card in Uber Eats?

If you want to scan your card in Uber Eats, you can follow the various steps mentioned below:

  • You will first need to sign in to your Uber Eats account
  • You will then need to tap on the ‘Account’ option
  • Here, you will find various options, from which you will need to tap on the ‘Wallet’
  • You can then select the ‘Add Payment Method’ option in the Wallet
  • Next, you will need to choose between a credit card or a debit card according to your wishes
  • Uber Eats will immediately ask you to provide camera access so that the scanning of your card can take place. Allow this access. Once you have allowed it, Uber Eats will use your phone camera to scan your card to save the details
  • You can now go ahead and use this card to pay for your food orders

Importance of On-Demand food delivery apps

On-Demand food delivery apps have found their permanent foothold in our daily lives. These apps bring plenty of advantages to the customer or users and thus are considered to be highly important today. Some of the reasons why On-Demand food delivery apps are so important have been discussed in the following section.

They bring a lot of options to the customer

On-Demand food delivery apps bring plenty of options to the customer and thus there is more variety here. These apps make sure that there are restaurants in various price ranges, offering various types of cuisines and even special dietary requirements. Anyone is bound to find what their palate is looking for in these apps.

They allow easy payments

On-Demand food delivery apps not only bring plenty of convenience to the customer in terms of variety, but also allow easy payments to be made. The various types of payments that are allowed in these apps include the conventional types of payments like credit cards, debit cards and online banking and even non-conventional payment methods like digital wallets.

They allow live tracking

Once the customer has placed an order in these On-Demand food delivery apps, they can easily track the location of their delivery driver and even their food order through the live tracking feature in the app. Most of these apps also have push notifications in addition to the live tracking which give them regular alerts or updates about the proceedings of their order.

They can be quite economical

On-Demand food delivery apps can actually be pretty economical and money-saving in nature. They often have plenty of discounts and special offers as part of their promotional and marketing schemes for various restaurant merchants. And thus, the user can save a lot of money through these apps.

They have membership plans

On-Demand food delivery apps always want to encourage customers to use them on a regular or frequent basis. Thus, they have certain membership plans through which the customer is motivated to use it in the long run. Examples of these membership plans are Uber One in Uber Eats and Grubhub+ in Grubhub.

These membership plans need to bring certain advantages to the members, that other users of the app cannot have access to. One common advantage that membership plans in most On-Demand food delivery apps is the zero delivery fees for an unlimited number of food orders. In addition to this, the member also needs to get regular discounts and offers at restaurants.

They make searching easier

Though the collection of restaurants in these apps may be large, the customer can easily sift through them by means of filters and search bars. The filters in these apps are designed to bring up restaurant options according to price ranges, cuisines and even special dietary requirements based on the wishes of the customer.

They bring more business to restaurants

These On-Demand food delivery apps can actually bring plenty of business to restaurant merchants.  While it is true that the restaurant merchants pay a huge chunk to these apps to be included in their curation, it is also true that they get a lot more customers through these apps. And thus, even the smallest restaurant can gain a massive fan following through these apps.


This blogpost has answered why Uber Eats scans your card. We have also explained the different steps through which you can scan your card in Uber Eats. Finally, we have explained the actual importance of the On-Demand food delivery apps, such as Uber Eats.

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