Why does coffee make me pee?

In this text, we will answer the question “Why does coffee make me pee?”. In addition, we will discuss the relationship between coffee consumption and the amount of pee eliminated and the caffeine effects on your body.

Why does coffee make me pee?

Coffee makes you pee because it contains caffeine.Caffeine has a mild diuretic effect when consumed in excess, that is, in daily doses above 600 mg. However, to ingest this amount of caffeine you need to consume about 6 to 7 cups of black coffee a day.

Drinks such as coffee and beer increase the urge to urinate because they interfere with the concentration of urine, making it more dilute. This concentration process is related to the formation of urine, in which the greatest number of toxins are excreted in the smallest possible volume of water.

Both coffee and beer are metabolized by the liver and their metabolites are eliminated in the urine. These substances only interfere with the urine concentration process but are not processed by the kidneys. What acts on the kidneys are the nephrons, small structures that filter all the blood in the body to eliminate harmful substances through the urine.

In addition to alcoholic beverages in general and coffee, teas and cola-based drinks (such as Coca-Cola) also increase the urge to urinate. In this sense, it is important to pay attention to the concentrations of sodium and sugar present in drinks and to drink alcohol in moderation.

What are the caffeine effects besides the urge to pee?

Drinking coffee daily or ingesting caffeine capsules can help your physical and mental performance. Caffeine is a substance that, upon entering the bloodstream, binds to adenosine receptors, delaying the effects of tiredness and maintaining alertness. Upon reaching your liver, caffeine breaks down into various compounds that alter the entire functioning of your brain, increasing your perception of energy.

In high doses, caffeine has some unwanted diuretic effects, as it increases blood flow to the kidneys, which stimulates this organ to release water into the urine in order to filter the blood of compounds and toxins.

In addition, coffee is basically composed of water when consumed in moderation and has a slight moisturizing power, since only its excess is harmful to health and causes unwanted diuretic effects.

How much caffeine is in each type of coffee?

A regular cup of brewed black coffee has about 100 mg of caffeine. In addition, brewed coffee is the most consumed in the world and one of the healthiest, when consumed without additional, such as sugar and cream, and when consumed in moderation.

Instant coffee has an average of 60 mg of caffeine per cup, having less caffeine than traditional brewed coffee. The reason for this is its manufacturing process, the coffee concentrate undergoes drying in a freeze dryer, which causes the coffee to be dried quickly and acquire the properties of soluble coffee.

An espresso coffee of just 60 ml can contain up to 50 mg of caffeine, as the beans are pressurized by hot water for greater extraction of the substance.

In addition, decaf coffee also has caffeine, about 3 mg of caffeine per cup of decaf coffee. As much as companies try, the decaffeination process is not 100% effective and does not allow the full removal of the substance from the coffee bean.

How much caffeine is needed to have a diuretic effect?

You need to consume more than 600 mg of caffeine to have the unwanted diuretic effects of caffeine, meaning you would need to consume more than 7 cups of coffee in one day.

Regular consumption of coffee is not problematic and does not cause unwanted diuretic effects. On the contrary, coffee is a great hydrating drink with approximately 97% of its composition being water.


In this text, we answered the question “Why does coffee make me pee?”. In addition, we discussed the relationship between coffee consumption and the amount of pee eliminated and the caffeine effects on your body.



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