Why do Uber drivers have two phones? (+3 Pros for Drivers)

This article will discuss why Uber Drivers have two phones. We will also describe a few ways through which Uber Eats Drivers can earn more money while delivering for this app. Further down the line, we will be checking out some of the benefits that Uber Eats Drivers can enjoy in this gig. Uber Eats is perhaps the most popular On-Demand food delivery app in the world today.

Why do Uber drivers have two phones?

Uber drivers and Uber Eats delivery drivers often two have phones as they work for multiple apps at the same time. While many drivers and delivery drivers use only one phone and have multiple apps in it, some drivers choose to have multiple phones to keep a better track of their requests. Some Uber drivers and Uber Eats drivers use a personal phone and a work phone.

How can Uber Eats drivers earn more money?

Working as a driver for On-Demand delivery apps is a pretty common gig these days and anyone can do this. While most of these drivers do this gig as side-hustle, some of them do this as a full-time job and earn their bread and butter through this. Some of the ways through which Uber Eats drivers can earn more money in this gig have been described in the section below.

By practicing great customer service

The most important part of any delivery service is the customer service that a deliver driver provides to the customer. Good customer service refers to being kind and courteous with the customer. It can also mean calling the customer ahead in time in case of any delays or changes in the delivery process. Great customer service can bring more tips for the delivery driver.

By working for multiple apps

Delivery drivers often make more money by working for multiple apps. Since On-Demand food delivery apps and grocery delivery apps are always looking for more gig workers to join their fleets, delivery drivers can sign-up for various apps at one time to ensure more requests are coming in. This can also guarantee more bonuses and incentives.

By working during peak hours

When food orders are being undertaken during peak hours or busy hours, the customer is charged a busy fee as the demand is a lot higher than usual. Similarly, the pay rate of the delivery driver is multiplied so that they are motivated to take on more requests. While working in these peak hours, the delivery person can ensure that they are minting a lot more money than other times.

By looking out for Boost Earnings

Uber Eats also gives Boost Earnings when certain events are happening in town. This can be a music concert or even a game in the stadium. During these times, the demand for food delivery will be pretty high and thus the pay rate of the delivery drivers will also be much higher. The pay rate can be multiplied by up to three times during these hours.

By completing Quests

Uber Eats gives out bonuses and incentives to its drivers when they complete certain targets. These are called Quests and refer to a certain number of delivery completions in a set amount of time. By completing these Quests, the delivery drivers in Uber Eats can make more money in the form of bonuses and can also get incentives such as special offers and discounts.

By using an insulated food bag

The insulated food bags that delivery drivers carry are not provided for free by Uber Eats. The delivery drivers will need to purchase them on their own. However, by using these food bags, the delivery drivers can bring better service to the customer, which can reflect positively in the form of tips.

By delivering through bicycle or by foot

Delivery drivers who are using their cars or their scooters to deliver the food will be often paying a lot of money to refuel their vehicles at regular intervals.  In order to save money on precious gas, the delivery driver can easily opt to deliver by bicycle or even by foot. This will allow them to save money while also enjoying shorter orders on the app.

Benefits of delivering for Uber Eats

Delivery drivers who deliver for Uber Eats and many other food delivery apps can enjoy plenty of advantages. Some of these are,

  • Regular earnings that are deposited into the accounts on a weekly basis. This is not possible in other jobs where the person has to wait until the end of the month before they get their payments.
  • Ability to set their own hours. Since the delivery drivers are not working under anyone’s supervision, they can set their own hours and choose when they want to work and when they want to take a break. Even if they are taking a long vacation, they are guaranteed a job waiting when they return.
  • Bonuses and incentives. The delivery drivers in Uber Eats can earn many bonuses by completing Quests. These bonuses and incentives can be in the form of money or in the form of discounts at certain stores.

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This article has discussed why Uber Drivers have two phones. We have also described a few ways through which Uber Eats Drivers can earn more money while delivering for this app. Further down the line, we have checked out some of the benefits that Uber Eats Drivers can enjoy in this gig.

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