Why do I like coffee?

In this text, we will discuss, “Why do I like coffee?” as well as discuss some important questions like how to get superior quality coffee and what do researchers say about liking coffee. 

Why do I like coffee?

Probably the most common explanation would be that it keeps me awake so I have more time to dream. However, there are more reasons besides that, which will be discussed in this text.

For some people, it is practically synonymous with “Good morning”. Others prefer to drink it in the afternoon and many even confess that they drink several cups throughout the day. The fact is that, regardless of preferences, coffee is part of the life of the majority of the population.

How to get superior quality coffees?

If you are a coffee producer and want to produce special coffees with greater added value, you should invest mainly in post-harvest, taking care to have lots without defects and with sensory characteristics that classify them as special.

According to the Sensory Evaluation Methodology of SCA (Specialty Coffee Association), used worldwide, Special Coffee is any coffee that reaches at least 80 points on the methodology’s scoring scale (which goes up to 100), being evaluated the following attributes: 

  • Fragrance/Aroma, 
  • Uniformity (each cup statistically represents 20% of the evaluated batch)
  • Absence of Defects
  • Sweetness
  • Flavor
  • Acidity
  • Body
  • Finalization
  • Harmony
  • Final Concept (general impression on the coffee, attributed by the classifier. Only part of the classifier’s subjectivity in the sample evaluation).

A Special Coffee stands out in these attributes, having flavors and aromas that can be fruity, herbal, sweets like caramel and chocolate, for example.

We can make an analogy with wine, as coffee can also be appreciated for its sensory characteristics and not just caffeine. Depending on the growing region, post-harvest care and roasting, you have different and delicious coffees.

What are the reasons to like coffee?

Some suffer from all kinds of unpleasant effects if they go through the day without one (or several) coffees. 

Some of its effects on our bodies are well proven – it is addictive, for example. But others (and that’s where both benefits and dangers come in) science brings it back and forth.

If you already love coffee, you’ll love this list. But, if you don’t like it (or simply don’t have the habit of drinking it), you’ll know good reasons to consume this one of the most consumed beverages in the world.

1. Coffee can prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s

2. Coffee provides more energy

3. Coffee increases the ability to concentrate

4. Coffee can help with weight loss diets

What do researchers say about liking coffee?

People who drink coffee at least three times a day do not really like the taste of the drink, but are addicted to caffeine, indicates a study by a group of German researchers from the “University Jena”.

A study published in the journal Scientific Reports may clarify what happens by examining the relationship between a person’s genetic sensitivity to bitter substances and the level of bitter drinks they consume.

Putting together all the acquired information it was possible to show that human beings can be genetically predisposed to like or hate the bitter taste of some drinks. The responses showed that a person more sensitive to the bitter taste of caffeine drank more coffee, while those who are more sensitive to PROP and quinine drank less coffee.

It may seem confusing that people who are more sensitive to the bitter taste of caffeine are more likely to drink a lot of coffee, but what happens is that caffeine’s stimulatory effects on the brain work as a kind of positive booster to sensitivity. It is as if regular coffee drinkers have developed the ability to detect coffee.

You might not believe it, but scientists kept pacing around a room unable to find a scientific reason to understand people’s love of coffee. The drink is one of the most consumed in the world, and you can imagine that just by remembering the amount of publications of cups with the drink you’ve seen on social networks. 

However, thinking about how the body works, there is no reason for human beings to appreciate a bitter coffee. The researchers tested both frequent drinkers and those who hardly drink coffee and found that there is little difference between them in terms of satisfaction given by the consumption.

Is it possible for someone not to like coffee?

Although it seems that the whole world loves, idolizes and doesn’t live without coffee, one thing needs to be made clear here: some people don’t like coffee. Yes, shocking right? It doesn’t matter how many different types of coffee there are, nor how tired you are – coffee just doesn’t go down for these people.

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In this text, we have discussed, “Why do I like coffee?” as well as discuss some important questions like how to get superior quality coffee and what do researchers say about liking coffee. 



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