Why Did My Traeger Catch Fire?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “Why Did My Traeger Catch Fire?” and will discuss the reason and solution why Traeger catches fire.

Why Did My Traeger Catch Fire?

Your traeger catches fire because in a firepot full of pellets, a fire might start due to a buildup of the fuel. Pellets will continue to feed if the firepot is not lit, and it may ultimately overflow. When all the pellets in and around the firepot begin to burn, a pellet fire is started.

Is it possible that a pellet grill might catch fire?

Yes, in a nutshell. Pellet grills, like other grills, prepare food via the use of fire. There’s a danger of fire whenever there’s a fire involved. And if your grease tray has a little flare-up due to being too coated, don’t freak out.

However, you should know how to handle a blazin pellet grill. In addition to identifying the root problem, the following suggestions can help you avoid a recurrence. However, I’d only take these measures if the fire was really out of control and hazardous. Because you won’t be able to quickly return to grilling once you’ve gone through these steps.

To begin, make certain you’re using your pellet grill according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

What to do when Traeger catches fire?

·         Please, do not freak out!

When we are scared, we lose our ability to think rationally. Bad choices that may be harmful to ourselves and others around us are made when we are not thinking properly. Also, if you’re panicking in the presence of others, they may feel the same way.

·         Turn off the grill and hopper and close the lid.

Oxygen will be cut off to the flames by closing the grill and hopper. The flame will go out if it doesn’t get any oxygen. Remove the grill from any walls or combustible objects before using it.

Try not to injure yourself in the process of attempting to move it. If you can’t relocate the grill, get rid of everything that may catch fire. I keep my Traeger 18 inches away from the house’s rear wall.

·         Disconnect the grill power supply

You don’t want your grill fire to develop into an electrical fire while you’re cooking. So shut down your Traeger by flipping the switch (don’t worry about the shutdown cycle for the time being). Then disconnect it.

·         Avoid using water to clean up the spot

Tossing water on a blazing fire sounds like a no-brainer. However, using pellet grills in this manner is a mistake for the following reasons:

·         Water may permanently destroy this electrical device.

·         When you pour water on a grease fire, it splatters and splashes because the oil is inflamed. This DOES NOT EXTINGUISH the flames; on the contrary, it FUELS them.

When a fire gets out of hand, use a fire extinguisher to put it out quickly. However, you’ll have a big mess on your hands if you use your Traeger. Also, whatever was cooked on the grill must be discarded.

What’s the best way to extinguish a Traeger fire?

Your Traeger may catch fire for one of two reasons: overheating or overcharging. In either case, the fire is a grease fire or there is an excessive number of pellets in the firepot.

Simply shut the grill and hopper lids if you want to avoid spills

To put out a fire, DO NOT use water or flour. For a fire to burn, you need oxygen. Closing the lids will prevent the fire from getting enough oxygen and will cause it to go out. Look around the grill after you’ve put out the fire to find out what started it. Knowing what started the fire and how to avoid it in the future can help keep it from occurring again.

Make that the drip tray and the firepot are in good working order

Drip trays are where grease fires originate and spread. As a result, as previously stated, I cover my drip pan with aluminum foil whenever possible. When the foil becomes too oily, I’ll toss it and start again. Since the foil and the tray are different sizes, it does need a couple of layers of foil.

Can a Traeger have a fire in the hopper?

Pellet fires will not start in the hopper, but if they are left unattended, they may spread into the hopper and cause problems.

It’s not because it’s filthy like grease burns in the hopper. As a result of the pellets not falling into the auger as they should, this is happening. The auger may not be properly filled if pellets get stuck to the sidewalls or become clumped together. As a result, the grill will believe it requires additional pellets because of the empty gaps in the bag.

You’ll ultimately have a pellet fire as a consequence of the pellets feeding on each other. Simply shut the grill and hopper lids and let the fire go out if this occurs. Every 30 minutes or so, shake the hopper or mix the pellets to keep them from catching fire. Also, as previously stated, do not keep pellets in your Traeger between cooking sessions.

In most cases, damage caused by a grill fire is not covered by your guarantee. Fortunately, Traeger grill fires seldom render the grill unusable. Traeger does offer new components, though, if the damage is severe.

If you just bought the Traeger, click here to read the safety guidelines. 


In this brief guide, we answered the query, “Why Did My Traeger Catch Fire?” and discussed the reason and solution why Traeger catches fire.



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