Why can’t I use Apple Pay in Uber Eats? (+9 Types of fees)

This post will discuss why you are not able to use Apple Pay for Uber Eats. We will also be checking out the different types of fees that you need to pay in Uber Eats. Finally, we will be mentioning some ways through which you can reduce expenses and save money while ordering on Uber Eats.

Why can’t I use Apple Pay in Uber Eats?

You cannot use Apple Pay in Uber Eats if you have not enabled the Apple Pay Cash in the platform. You also need to have added a valid credit card or a debit card to your Apple Pay account. If nothing else seems to work, you can always try another payment method or reinstall the app which might take care of some update issues.

Types of fees in Uber Eats

Uber Eats has a number of fees that users need to pay when they are placing their order. The various types of fees that are available in Uber Eats have been discussed in the following points.

The cost of the food

The bulk of the fees in Uber Eats are the actual cost of the food that has been ordered by the customer. This mainly depends on the type of restaurant that the customer is ordering from and even the cuisine type. It can also depend on the portion sizes or number of portions that the customer wants. The cost of the food can be reduced by using promo codes and offers.

The delivery fees

The customer will also be charged a delivery fee in order to bring the food from the restaurant to them. The delivery fees in Uber Eats depend on the location of the restaurant, the location of the customer and the distance between them. Those customers who are on the Uber One membership do not have to pay any delivery fees.

The delivery adjustment fees

If the customer is choosing to make any changes to their order once it has been placed, they will be required to pay a delivery adjustment fee. The changes can be portions or portion sizes and also sides and accompaniments. This fee will also be charged to the customer if they are charging their delivery location after the restaurant merchant has placed the order.

The service fees

There is also a service fee in Uber Eats. This fee was not originally present and was introduced much later. The service fee is usually 10 percent of the order subtotal and goes toward Uber Eats for purposes like the maintenance of the app.

The busy fee

There is also a busy fee in Uber Eats which is charged for those orders which are placed during peak hours. This busy fee is applied because the demand for food delivery is a lot more during these times. Peak hours can include lunch hours during weekdays and evenings during weekends.

The priority fee

Uber Eats also allows customers to get their orders delivered to them in a much shorter span of time if they are opting for priority status. If the customer is opting for the priority status, they will be charged a priority fee which ensures that the delivery driver does not stop for any other pick-ups or deliveries while they are on their way to the customer’s location.

The cancellation fee

A cancellation fee will also be applied in Uber Eats if the customer is canceling an order after it has been accepted by the restaurant merchant. However, all Uber Eats customers have one lifetime cancellation fee refund policy as long as they cancel the order within15 minutes of placing it.

The CA driver’s benefits fee

If the customer is residing in California, they will need to pay a CA driver’s benefits fee. This is in order to bring certain benefits to independently contracted delivery drivers as per Proposition 22. This fee goes toward providing healthcare stipends for delivery drivers along with a minimum earnings guarantee and other necessities.

The tip for the delivery driver

If the customer is choosing to leave a tip for the delivery driver while making the payment for the food order, this will also be shown in the payment breakdown. The tips are usually 10% to 15% of the order subtotal. However, the customer can choose to pay the tip after the delivery has been completed as well, for which they will be sent a revised receipt.

How to save money on Uber Eats?

For those users of Uber Eats who order from the app on a regular basis but are keen to save money, we have curated a list of tips that can be used to reduce expenses on this app.

  • Seriously consider getting an Uber One membership. Through this, you can save a lot of money that goes into delivery charges.
  • Set the filters on the Uber Eats app in such a way so that you are shown the most inexpensive but highly rated restaurant options first.
  • Try avoiding ordering when you are too famished to think. In doing so, you can end up ordering too much food that you need and also spend more than you wish to.
  • Avoid the unnecessary fees in Uber Eats such as the busy fee and the small order fee by placing orders in a smarter manner.

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This post has discussed why you are not able to use Apple Pay for Uber Eats. We have also checked out the different types of fees that you need to pay in Uber Eats. Finally, we have mentioned some ways through which you can reduce expenses and save money while ordering on Uber Eats.

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