Why am I sweating after drinking coffee?

In this text we are going to explain why you sweat when you drink coffee. In addition, we are going to talk a little about the exaggerated consumption of coffee and the relationship with hypersweating. Furthermore, we will show you which foods you should eat to improve the odor of your sweat, and which foods make that odor worse.

Why am I sweating after drinking coffee?

You sweat after drinking coffee because caffeine stimulates your sweat glands, making you sweat.

The sacred coffee of every day, responsible for millions of people being able to do their work with quality, is responsible for increasing the amount of sweat in the body. 

The reasons are that the very hot temperature of the drink raises the body temperature, and the heat makes you sweat and caffeine is a stimulant that makes the nervous system work harder and the sweat glands are activated. That is, the more coffee, the more sweat;

There are foods and drinks that increase sweating, even in people who have controlled sweating. For those who suffer from hyperhidrosis, foods that increase it can be a real terror, especially in places where the ambient temperature is high.

One of the causes of excessive sweating could be the thermogenic effects of some foods and drinks that can increase the condition. Among these drinks is the morning fuel of most of the population, coffee. It is common for anyone who drinks fresh coffee to feel hotter and, in some situations, sweaty.

This phenomenon occurs because of the increase in body temperature that happens when we ingest hot liquids, as it heats the entire body. In addition, caffeine is a natural thermogenic, speeding up your metabolism and consequently making you sweat more.

How much caffeine is too much?

Drinking too much coffee can trigger symptoms such as stomach pain, tremors, and even insomnia. The maximum recommended dose of caffeine per day is 400 mg, equivalent to drinking about 600 ml of sack coffee a day or 3 espressos.

However, you need to be careful and also account for the intake of other products containing caffeine, because caffeine is present in energy drinks, in some training supplements, some medicines, green, mate and black teas and even in cola-type soft drinks.

In addition, it is important to remember that caffeine tolerance also varies according to the age, size and weight of the individual, and how much each person is already used to drinking coffee daily. Excess of this substance can also worsen the sweating condition.

What drink or food can make my sweat smell bad?

Body odor can be caused by certain foods. Onions, garlic and spicy foods can all make sweat smell stronger. Excessive alcohol consumption can also make your sweat smell bad.

Also, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower are vegetables that are also high in sulfur, and can make your sweat stink more.

Excessive meat also worsens this condition, as high protein consumption increases the production of ammonia, a substance that makes sweat odor stronger.

In addition, excess milk and cheese can worsen this situation, as they are also rich in proteins and take longer to be digested in the intestine, which can increase the strong smell in the body.

Foods that make sweat smell more pleasant

Foods like fruits and vegetables help eliminate toxins from the body and improve metabolism, reducing sweat production and bad smell. As a result, adding more fruit to your diet will make your sweat smell less unpleasant.

In addition, it is also necessary to drink plenty of water, so that the sweat does not become too concentrated or with a strong smell.

You should also increase the consumption of foods such as cabbage, spinach, arugula and watercress, as they are rich in chlorophyll, a substance that gives vegetables their green color and has high antioxidant and detoxifying power.

Furthermore, the active cultures present in yogurt reduce the amount of odor-causing sulfite compounds. In addition, the vitamin D found in this food helps to fight the bacteria present in the mouth and therefore reduces bad breath. On the other hand, milk contains choline, which can cause an unpleasant aroma.

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Coffee makes you sweat more due to the heat generated by the drink and the presence of caffeine, which directly impacts the amount of sweat your body generates.

Also, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can make sweat smell more pleasant, and a diet low in fats and fatty meats makes the sweat smell even worse.

In addition, the ideal is not to exceed the consumption of caffeine per day, that is, a maximum of 3 espressos or 400 mg of caffeine.



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