Who pays for Uber Eats refunds? (+7 Uber Eats features)

In this article, we will discuss who pays for Uber Eats refunds. We will also be explaining the various steps involved in getting a refund from Uber Eats. Finally, we will check out some of the best features that are present in Uber Eats that make it such an advantageous On-Demand food delivery app to use.

Who pays for Uber Eats refunds?

If there is a mistake in the order, such as items missing or an incorrect order, the restaurant merchant will be paying for the Uber Eats refund. This is because this is a mistake from their side. However, other factors like late deliveries or incorrect delivery address will be paid for by Uber Eats as this is not the fault of the restaurant.

This policy was not present originally and the restaurant partner had to pay for any type of refund. Since this practice is basically unfair, Uber Eats made changes to the policy to bring more fairness into the picture.

How to get a refund in Uber Eats?

If you want to get a refund for a previous order in Uber Eats, you can use the following steps:

  • You will first need to sign in to your Uber Eats account
  • You will then need to go to the ‘Orders’ section where you will be able to see all your previous orders. Go through the list and find the order for which you want the refund
  • Tap on the order and then go to the rating section for the delivery. Here, you can click on the ‘dislike’ option. You will also be asked to give your complaint in the form of a comment, where you can write down what went wrong with the order. You can also choose among the various options that have been shown to you
  • Tap on the ‘Submit’ option after which Uber Eats will get back to you to get more information about the complaint. If the complaint is found to be appropriate, Uber Eats will give you the refund for that particular order

Best features in Uber Eats

Uber Eats has a great many features which have been found to be very simple but effective for anyone who wants to order food. The very best features that are available in Uber Eats have been explained in the following section.

Uber Eats has a smart curation of restaurants

The collection of restaurants in Uber Eats is simply very large and thus the user has a lot of options to choose from. The restaurants in Uber Eats cover various cuisine types and even specific dietary requirements such as sugar-free or keto diets. Users can also find inexpensive eats as well as high-end restaurants here.

It has a live tracking feature

There is also a live tracking feature that is available in Uber Eats. Once the customer has placed the order in Uber Eats, they will be able to see the exact location of their delivery driver with the help of live tracking. Uber Eats also gives the customers push notifications by which they are alerted of the updates of the order.

There is a map feature here

There is a map feature in Uber Eats which can be good news for those who like to explore new places. The customer has to simply pick a certain spot on the map that has been given after which they will be shown the various restaurants that are operating nearby. The customer can then place an order and receive it quickly due to the short distance.

Group orders can be easily placed

Group orders can also be easily placed in Uber Eats. This can be a blessing for workplaces and even informal social gatherings like kitty parties. Any person in the group can go ahead and create a group order to which the other members will add their own items. Once the order has been created, the bill can also be split easily between the various members.

Orders can be scheduled for later delivery

Uber Eats also allows orders to be placed in advance in the app. The app allows orders to be placed up to seven days in advance. Once the order has been placed, the customer or user will receive regular updates about the proceedings of the order. The scheduled orders will also be free of busy fees even if the delivery takes place during peak hours.

Uber Eats has the Uber One membership

There is also an Uber One membership in Uber Eats that comes at a price of $9.99 for a month or $99.99 for the entire year. Members of Uber One can enjoy advantages while ordering food through Uber Eats or even while hailing rides in Uber. The best advantage in Uber Eats that members of Uber One enjoy is no delivery charges for an unlimited number of orders.

It makes the search process pretty easy

The app is also fitted with a search bar and appropriate filters through which the users can easily sift through the collections of restaurants. The app also uses artificial intelligence through which the customer is recommended to various restaurants based on their previous orders.


In this article, we have discussed who pays for Uber Eats refunds. We have also explained the various steps involved in getting a refund from Uber Eats. Finally, we have checked out some of the best features that are present in Uber Eats that make it such an advantageous On-Demand food delivery app to use.

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