Who gets the Uber Eats service fee? (+3 Alternative apps)

This article will answer who gets the Uber Eats service fee. We will also explain the different reasons why Uber Eats seems to be very attractive for delivery drivers. In addition to this, we will be checking out some of the other delivery apps that can serve as great sources of gigs for delivery drivers.

Who gets the Uber Eats service fee?

The Uber Eats service fee typically goes to the company itself. This fee is mostly used for the maintenance of the app so that customers can enjoy a smoother experience here. The service fee in Uber Eats is usually 10 percent of the total order value and is only applicable to those restaurants that are using the delivery services of Uber Eats.

Why is Uber Eats so attractive for delivery drivers?

Delivering for Uber Eats is a very common gig today. While there are certainly a large number of delivery apps available, many drivers still stick to Uber Eats as a source of income. Some of the advantages that delivery drivers can experience in this delivery app have been explored in the section below.

Uber Eats gives a high number of requests

Uber Eats is very well positioned globally and operates in more than 45 countries across six continents. Since it is one of the most popular food delivery apps today, the number of delivery requests is always high in this app. Thus, delivery drivers can always bank on Uber Eats even when other apps are sleeping.

The earnings are regular

The earnings in Uber Eats are deposited into the bank accounts of the delivery drivers on a weekly basis. The delivery driver also has the rights to cash out their earnings on a daily basis for a small fee through Instant Pay. However, the earnings can be cashed out only up to five times a day when done on a daily basis.

Quests can give more money

Uber Eats also allows drivers to earn more money and incentives by completing Quests. These are a set number of deliveries in a certain time limit. These Quests can bring in more earnings for the driver and can also give them bonuses and incentives such as access to special offers and discounts on certain restaurants.

Boost earnings are available

Boost earnings are also available in Uber Eats. These Boost Earnings appear during certain times like when a concert is happening in town or when a ball game is going on. Since the demand for food delivery during these times will definitely be high, the pay rate can be multiplied by up to three times which can be very useful for delivery drivers.

The job does not require a college degree

Another great thing about delivering for Uber Eats, or basically any other food delivery app is that college degrees or educational degrees are not required. And thus, this gig can be done by anyone and everyone as long as they have the will to go out and deliver. This gig is thus highly recommended for students who may need to pay off educational loans or earn pocket money.

The gig is great for introverts

Delivering food delivery apps hardly require much social interaction and communication and thus can be a superb option for introverts. The most interaction that happens in this line of work is when the driver goes to the restaurant to pick up the order and when they go to the delivery address to deliver the order to the customer.

Delivery can be done in various ways

The delivery of food orders in Uber Eats can be done through many ways. The platform allows delivery drivers to use their cars and even scooters to deliver the parcels. They can additionally opt to deliver by bicycle and even by foot. Those who are opting to deliver by bicycle or foot will automatically only be given closer orders.

Alternative delivery apps

Other than Uber Eats, there are plenty of other delivery apps that can provide great gigs for delivery drivers. The best of these have been mentioned as follows.


DoorDash is pretty popular and can be used for ordering food as well as groceries. This platform has gained wide popularity not only due to its delivery features but also due to the empathetic and philanthropic efforts taken towards delivery drivers and unprivileged persons. Dashers in DoorDash are also assured of safety through SafeDash which is run by ADT security.


Postmates can be used to order anything and everything. And thus, the delivery drivers for Postmates can deliver food orders as well as grocery orders to customers. Postmates also has a group order feature in which the delivery driver can deliver to a number of customers in a certain location and thus earn more money.


While Instacart is not a food delivery app but more of a grocery delivery app, it still is recognized to be great for delivery drivers. In this app, the delivery driver will need to shop for the customer in a convenience store or a supermarket and deliver the goods to them.


This article has answered who gets the Uber Eats service fee. We have also explained the different reasons why Uber Eats seems to be very attractive for delivery drivers. In addition to this, we have checked out some of the other delivery apps that can serve as great sources of gigs for delivery drivers.

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