Who does Uber Eats own? (+5 Uber Eats features)

In this blogpost, we will be checking out the various companies that are owned by Uber Eats. In addition to this, we will look at some of the unique features that are present in Uber Eats that make it such a successful On-Demand food delivery app. Furthermore, we will mention a few alternatives to Uber Eats that are also running successfully in the market today.

Who does Uber Eats own?

Uber Eats owns three different companies which it has made its own. The various companies owned or acquired by Uber Eats have been described in the following section.


Uber Eats acquired orderTalk in 2018 as part of its aim to grow exponentially throughout the world. orderTalk is a restaurant techn company which has a smart and easily integrated online ordering platform. Through this acquisition, Uber Eats aimed to reduce the number of errors in its app and to also simplify the order process for the customer.


Uber Eats has also acquired Ando in the year 2018. Ando is a ‘delivery only’ company that was founded by Momofuku chef, David Chang. Acquiring Ando was one of the important steps that Uber Eats need to undertake in order to boost its popularity across the world. Before it was acquired by Uber Eats, Ando used the delivery services of Uber Eats to cater to customers.


The latest acquisition by Uber Eats was that of Postmates, in 2020. Uber Eats acquired Postmates for $2.65 billion in stock. After the acquisition, Postmates has been operating as its own brand and has not been clubbed with the Uber Eats operations. However, the delivery drivers are shared between these two companies.

Unique features of Uber Eats

Uber Eats has a large number of features that can be very useful for any customer. The presence of these features, both that are unique to Uber Eats and those that are present in other delivery apps as well, is the reason why this food delivery app is perhaps the most popular one today. The features of Uber Eats, which are highly advantageous for users, have been described below:

Uber Eats has a large collection of restaurants

There is a pretty large collection of restaurants that are available in Uber Eats. The large variety that is present in Uber Eats makes it superb for those who like a lot of choices to choose from. The restaurants in Uber Eats cover both the high-end variety and even the inexpensive eats and also enfold a multitude of cuisine types and nutritional requirements.

It has very smart filters

There are also pretty smart filters that are available in Uber Eats. These filters can be used to easily find out the right restaurant from the big sea of options that is present in the food delivery app. The filters in Uber Eats can also be set to find restaurants that have offerings in a particular price range as well as those that cover a certain cuisine type.

It has the Uber One membership

Uber Eats gives out a membership plan called Uber One to its members. This Uber One membership can be availed at a price of $9.99 for a month or $99.99 for a whole year. This membership plan can bring a range of advantages to the users, mainly a money-saving advantage of zero delivery fees for an unlimited number of deliveries.

Groups can place orders as well

In Uber Eats, groups can place orders as well. This feature can be pretty useful in workplaces and even in other social gatherings like birthday parties. The best thing about this group ordering feature in Uber Eats is that the bill can be easily split among the group members. The items in the group order arrive at the same time.

Scheduled orders are possible here

Uber Eats also allows customers to place orders beforehand so that they can enjoy it at a much later point in time. Once the order has been placed, the customer will be notified of the updates in the food order process by means of push alerts. In addition to this, the order can be scheduled up to seven days in advance which can be superb for those who are forgetful by nature.

Best alternatives to Uber Eats

Uber Eats is certainly not the only food-delivery app in the market today. Similar to Uber Eats, there are a number of other food delivery apps that have many of the similar features, like,


DoorDash proved to be not only a pretty great food delivery app for customers but also a pretty good company for delivery drivers. The safety of the delivery driver is taken care of by SafeDash which is supervised by ADT security agents. Customers can also enjoy unique delivery features such as DoubleDashing.


Grubhub is one of the oldest food delivery apps today and is great for mainly its variety. This food delivery app includes even small eateries and shacks that are often overlooked in other food delivery apps. Grubhub also offers a membership plan to its customers called Grubhub+ which brings plenty of advantages like promos and special offers.

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In this blogpost, we have checked out the various companies that are owned by Uber Eats. In addition to this, we have looked at some of the unique features that are present in Uber Eats that make it such a successful On-Demand food delivery app. Furthermore, we have mentioned a few alternatives to Uber Eats that are also running successfully in the market today.

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