Who created Blue Apron? (+9 Meal-kit trends)

This blogpost will discuss who created Blue Apron. In addition to this, we will be explaining the different trends that are shaping the meal-kit delivery industry today. Lastly, we will be discussing the advantages of using Blue Apron as a meal kit delivery service, for any potential customer.

Who created Blue Apron?

Blue Apron was created by Matt Wadiak, Matt Salzberg and Ilia Papas in the year 2012. Blue Apron was created as a solution to help people cook healthier and tastier food without spending so much effort in getting groceries and ingredients. Blue Apron now operates in all regions of the contiguous United States.

Latest trends in meal-kit delivery industry

The meal-kit industry has been around for a while now and is being continuously shaped by trends and other factors. The latest trends that are affecting the meal kit delivery industry have been explained in the section below.

Sustainability as a necessity

Sustainability is actually not an option anymore and is considered to be a necessity in all industries, including the meal-kit delivery industry. And therefore, more and more meal kit services are adopting sustainability practices. For example, Blue Apron and HelloFresh are two carbon-neutral meal kit services.

Special diets

The term ‘balanced diet’ is certainly not a one-size fits all shoe any more. People are adopting a large number of special diets for health reasons, for weight loss reasons and even due to food allergies and illnesses like diabetes. For these people, meal kit delivery services need to come up with special meal kits.

Meal kits those are easier to cook

While many customers opt for meal kits as they want to cook more at home rather than order food from outside, easier meal kits need to be designed so that the customer does not need to put so much effort in the kitchen. For this purpose, it needs to be easier to cook meal kits, as in Gobble.

Organic ingredients

Customers of today cannot be tricked or conned into eating sub-par foods. They not only want the best quality of ingredients, but also want organic produce as this is seen as healthier and safer. They also want their meat and poultry to come from sustainable farms. This is another factor that has shaped the sourcing of several meal kit services, like Blue Apron.

Faster delivery

Most meal-kit delivery services work on a subscription format. However, this means that the customer needs to wait for a short time before their order comes through. In an age of instant-everything, many customers want meal kits to be delivered just as how meals are delivered through apps, i.e. instantly.

More customizations

The customer should also be able to make easy customizations in their meal kits and recipes. While customizations are certainly available in most meal kit services today, customers would like more of these. And thus, meal-kit services like Blue Apron are allowing more flexibility for their customers.

Pre-cooked meals

Most meal kits need to be cooked by the customer from scratch and thus require quite a bit of effort. Many customers want to cook at home and eat healthy, but don’t want to put so much effort into their cooking, especially if they are coming home tired. For these customers, meal-kit companies should have a pre-cooked meal option as well.

Sale of more than food

Meal kit delivery services should also cover more than just food. Customers may want to use the service to purchase anything related to the kitchen, such as pots and pans. And thus, some meal kit delivery services, for example, Blue Apron, are now selling kitchenware and even kitchen tools that the customer can purchase and use.

Party-size meal kits

Another trend that needs to be fulfilled by meal kit delivery services today is the party-size option. This can come especially in handy for those who want some extra help while cooking big dinners for their families. Party size meal kits can also be pretty useful for anyone who is planning on cooking for a function in the family, such as a wedding.

 Advantages of using Blue Apron

By using Blue Apron, as a meal kit delivery service, any customer can experience a ton of benefits, such as,

  • Customers can also order wine for their meals as Blue Apron has a wine delivery service. The delivery not only includes the wine but also contains information about it for those who want to learn about wines. The accompanying leaflet also has information about the recommended pairings for the wine.
  • Customers of Blue Apron can also choose to make various changes to their recipes based on their preferences. For example, the customer can swap one ingredient for another and can also upgrade any ingredient for a more premium one.
  • Blue Apron also has special diets for those who want to lose weight through a partnership with Weight Watchers. Furthermore, there are also diabetic-friendly recipes for anyone who is battling the disease. These recipes contain no starchy ingredients and are better balanced in sugar and salt.


This blogpost has discussed who created Blue Apron. In addition to this, we have explained the different trends that are shaping the meal-kit delivery industry today. Lastly, we have discussed the advantages of using Blue Apron as a meal kit delivery service, for any potential customer.

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