Which state produces the most oranges? 

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “which state produces the most oranges?”. We will discuss why Florida is famous for oranges and what are Florida’s famous orange varieties. In the end, we will understand the best time to pick oranges in Florida. 

Which state produces the most oranges? 

Florida state produces the most oranges. Florida is openly recognized for its oranges, therefore it’s no surprise that it leads in citrus fruit output. 

More than ninety percent of the orange juice consumed in the United States is produced from oranges grown in the state of Florida. There are many varieties of oranges in Florida, Hamlin and parson brown-orange are popular ones. 

Hamlin oranges are recognized for their juiciness, but Parson Brown oranges have more seeds, making them less economically viable. However, Parson Browns are renowned for their disease resistance and ability to prevent citrus greening, a devastating tree disease.

The Valencia orange trees in Florida take 10–15 years to bear fruit, once they do, they provide a steady stream of tasty citrus.

Citrus trees are generally hardy throughout all of South Florida. Growing conditions that are optimal for citrus include full light, nutrient-dense soil, and good drainage.

Why is Florida famous for oranges?

Oranges are perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Florida. In the middle of the nineteenth century, orange trees were first planted commercially in Florida.

Florida’s subtropical climate, lots of rain, lots of sunshine, and sandy soil have all helped oranges grow well there. Florida Oranges are often juicier and have a particular flavor and appearance due to the state’s peculiar natural circumstances.

Florida orange varieties

Navel, Valencia, Hamlin, and Pineapple oranges are just a few of the many types of oranges that may be found in Florida. These four primary oranges are cultivated elsewhere, including in California, but Florida’s environment provides them with significant benefits. 

For example, due to the thin peeling and significant juice content of Valencia oranges, this kind of orange is most often linked with the state of Florida. 

Valencia oranges are grown in regions where the climate is drier and more moderate often have thicker skins and are more compact in size.

There is a notable difference between orange juice produced in Florida and orange juice produced in other parts of the globe, and one of the reasons for this distinction is the juicy quality of oranges grown in Florida. 

The oranges have a higher moisture content and deliver a greater quantity of the delicious flavor that you like. More than 90% of Florida’s orange crop is used to make pure orange juice.

When is the best time to pick oranges in Florida?

Florida has a year-round orange season. Oranges develop and grow at varying speeds according to the species. Florida oranges are harvested in three distinct seasons.

Early in the Season

The months of October to January are optimal for picking early-season delicious oranges. The cultivars Hamlin and navel are all examples. Hamlin oranges endure cold and produce a large output of fruit with 0 to 6 seeds. 

In addition to ripening a little bit sooner than Hamlin, the seedless fruit of the Parson Brown has a lower yield than that of Hamlin. 

Each Parson Brown orange may contain anything from 0-to 30 seeds. Navel oranges peel easily and contain 0 to 6 seeds each. 

Navel oranges are unique among early-season oranges in that they have a little secondary fruit lodged at the blossom end, which may become yellow and decay, leading to premature fruit drop. Hamlin oranges endure cold and produce a large output of fruit with 0 to 6 seeds.


Some oranges are picked during the midseason from December to either February or March. Pineapple orange may be a nice cultivar for the middle of the growing season, although it is not as cold-hardy as other mid-season oranges. 

Sunstar oranges are more resistant to the cold than Pineapple oranges, and there are fewer incidences of fruit drops before harvest with Sunstar oranges. Mid sweet and Gardner oranges, which are hardier to cold than Pineapple oranges, are picked during those months.

Late in the season

The Valencia orange is a late-season variety that is packed between the months of March and June. Valencia orange trees produce two harvests at once. 

Current-season oranges and previous-season oranges mature in around 15 months. It has superior qualities in both its fruit and its juice. The average Valencia orange has anything from zero to six seeds.


In this brief article, we answered the question “which state produces the most oranges?”. We discussed why Florida is famous for oranges and what are Florida’s famous orange varieties. In the end, we understood what is the best time to pick oranges in Florida.