Which state produces the most blueberries? 

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “which state produces the most blueberries?”. We will discuss what is the best way to pick blueberries. In the end, we will understand how to keep blueberries fresh. 

Which state produces the most blueberries? 

The state of Washington produces the most blueberries, followed by the states of Michigan, Georgia, Oregon, and New Jersey. 

It’s been nearly half a century since the first blueberry bushes were planted in the state of Washington. When blueberries first arrived in the state, just a few producers and processors bought them. 

Most farmers only farmed a few acres, and many of them relied on roadside booths to sell the vast majority of their harvest. Today, it is the leading producer of blueberries in the United States, having produced around 96.1 million pounds in the last year. 

Washington has marketed the crop for years, but expansion was restricted to the western Cascades until recently. The land area has grown substantially over the last several years, now covering a wider swath of the state.

How to keep blueberries fresh?

There are a few tips to follow in order to keep blueberries fresh. 

Do not rinse 

Refraining from washing berries until just before consumption is the most effective method for extending their shelf life. 

However, not every time you become hungry is a good moment to wash and dry off a handful of blueberries. You may save time by pre-rinsing them with cold water, but make sure they dry completely before storing.

Store dry blueberries 

After giving your berries a good rinsing, spread them out on a tray lined with paper towels and roll them around until there is no more water on them. 

The berries should then be transferred to an airtight container that has been lined with paper towels. This might be the box or basket that the berries were originally packaged in. 

Mold will be prevented by the paper towel’s ability to absorb any extra moisture, as well as by the movement of air.

Refrigerate them

Keep the blueberries in an airtight container before storing them in the fridge. Place the blueberry container in the refrigerator, but avoid placing it in the bottom drawer because of the poor air circulation in that area. 

Place the container on the middle or upper shelf of the fridge. The freshness of the blueberries will be maintained for up to a week in this manner, depending on their ripeness when purchased.

Freeze overripe blueberries

If you want to prolong the shelf life of blueberries, freeze them. Blueberries may be frozen by spreading them out on a baking sheet, placing them in the freezer for two hours, and then transferring them to a plastic bag. They have a minimum shelf life of several months.

What is the best way to pick blueberries?

You’ll be able to bring home the finest blueberries possible by following the best tips, whether you pick them yourself at a farm that allows U-picking or buy them at a supermarket or a farmer’s market.

Blueberries that are ready to be picked are dark blue in color, and their surfaces have a little coating of gray. 

If blueberry is still hard when you pick it or has any indication of light blue color at all, it hasn’t completely ripened yet and will probably be quite sour. 

If you buy blueberries and they’re white or green, they are not still ripe. Blueberries that have become purple, crimson, or blue-ish in color may not be fully ripe until they have been harvested.

Don’t leave your picked blueberries out in the open. Because blueberries are delicate, the amount of time that they may be kept without being frozen or cooked is significantly reduced if they are heated. 

You will see that the containers at the shop are perforated with several holes. That is done so that they may continue to breathe.

When evaluating packaged blueberries, seek those with blue, smooth skin. Blueberries that have developed wrinkles, white mold, or leaks show they are gone bad. 

It’s best to not wash your blueberries until you are ready to eat them or use them in a recipe after you bring them home from the store. When blueberries are washed too soon after picking, they get mushy. 

You will want to go through your blueberries and discard any that have developed mold. By picking out and discarding any rotten blueberries, you may prevent the rest of the bunch from becoming spoiled.


In this brief article, we answered the question “which state produces the most blueberries?”. We discussed what is the best way to pick blueberries. In the end, we understood how to keep blueberries fresh. 



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