Which rack to bake cake? 

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “which rack to bake cake?”. We will discuss which rack you should use for different cakes and can you switch racks while baking. In the end, we will understand whether oven type affects rack selection. 

Which rack to bake cake? 

The middle rack is an ideal rack to bake cakes. Because the air and heat sources are equally distributed, and the tops and bottoms are not at risk of overcooking or burning. It’s the ideal location for baking cakes, cookies, and brownies.

Thin cakes should be baked on the middle rack since they will burn on the bottom. When making a thicker cake, the lowest oven rack should be used since the cake will bake more evenly.

Though oven positioning is critical, the sort of oven you choose will have an impact on how your cake bakes.

Which rack should you use for different cake types?

Cakes exist in a wide range of sizes, and the optimal baking position will vary depending on the specific cake.

Thin cakes

Cakes of a thickness of between 1 and 3 inches are typically referred to as thin cakes. These cakes are prone to burning or browning on the bottom when the heat is not distributed uniformly. 

Placing a thin cake on the center rack of the oven will prevent it from getting a burned flavor. This action will result in the cake becoming light and airy once it has been baked.

Thick cakes

Cakes that have a thickness of at least 4 inches are referred to as thick cakes. It is recommended that the cake be placed in the center of the oven’s lowest rack. This ensures that the cake cooks evenly.

Due to the increased cake’s thickness, it will not overcook on the bottom. The cake won’t be soupy since the heat will cook it evenly.

Can you switch racks while baking?

There is no hard and fast rule against switching the position of baked goods on a baking sheet. In fact, shifting what you’re baking on a different rack can be good. 

If you find that your cake is not cooking evenly no matter where you place it in the oven, just switch it to a different rack or flip the pan.

When You bake sweets in the oven, you will find that they don’t always cook uniformly from front to back. You may start rotating the pan in the oven halfway through the cooking process to ensure that no section finishes cooking faster than the others.

Does oven type affect rack selection?

The most popular ovens are standard ovens, convection ovens, microwave ovens, and toaster ovens. Cakes are usually baked in a traditional or convection oven.

Convection Ovens

Convection ovens are meant to solve the issue of uneven heat distribution that plagues traditional ovens. While a normal oven may contain pockets of heat, a convection oven draws in heat from all sides, enabling food to be cooked evenly. 

When compared to traditional ovens, convection ovens have less of an impact on the level of doneness achieved by the food due to its placement.

Though the positioning does not have as much of an impact on the final product as it would in a regular oven. This method ensures that the cake is heated evenly from all sides.

Standard oven

If you’re using a standard oven, put the cake on the lowest rack possible. The lowest rack will ensure even baking, but a thin cake may burn before the inside is done, resulting in a crispy texture.

A cake baked in a standard oven should be placed on the center rack, although it may also be baked successfully on the bottom rack. 

Due to the fact that the cake’s outside bakes before its inside, the bottom of the cake will begin to become a little brown. A cake’s exterior is similar to bread’s crust in that it’s somewhat darker and crispier on the outside.

A cake baked in a standard oven on the top rack will be subjected to excessive heat throughout the duration of baking. The cake will have an inconsistent cooking time and will become too dark too early if it is placed on the highest rack in the oven.

Traditional oven 

Traditional ovens employ a heating element and a fan to distribute and retain the heat. Temperatures in an oven fluctuate while baking. 

The heat does not travel throughout the oven in a uniform manner. When cake is being baked in an oven, the area that is the highest will be the one that reaches the maximum temperature due to the fact that heat rises.


In this brief article, we answered the question “which rack to bake cake?”. We discussed which rack you should use for different cakes and can you switch racks while baking. In the end, we understood whether oven type affects rack selection.