Which part of green onion to use? 

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “which part of green onion to use?”. We will discuss how to prepare green onions for cooking and how to cut green onions step by step. In the end, we will understand how to buy and store green onions. 

Which part of green onion to use? 

The white part of green onion can be used for cooking because it has a strong onion flavor. However, both green and white parts of green onion are edible. 

The white sections may be cooked with the rest of the meal, while the greens can be used as a garnish.

The green portion of the onion, which has a milder taste and creates an appealing garnish, and the white section are both edible components of the green onion. 

The white section of the green onion has a stronger flavor and is preferred for cooking because of the onion flavor it imparts.

The white portion will have a stronger onion taste, while the green portion will be milder. It is reasonable to assume that if you’re adding it to a culinary meal, you’ll want to use the white portion of the green onion.

If it is being used as a garnish or to add color to a meal, you’ll likely want the green onion tops. You will use the white and light green section of the onion in most recipes that call for scallions or green onions. 

The deeper green leaves, on the other hand, are a tasty garnish for anything such as soup that doesn’t need any cooking. Any dish that calls for fresh chives may alternatively be prepared using green onions or scallions.

How to prepare green onions for cooking?

To prevent food poisoning and slimy green onions, follow these steps before chopping and adding green onions to recipes.

Remove wilted or sticky skin sections of the onions by rinsing them under cold tap water. Arrange numerous green onions in a row on the cutting board. Trim the root ends using a knife just above the roots. 

Throw them away or put them in the compost. Remove around 2 inches of green tops. You may either compost or throw away the tops once they have been clipped.

How to cut green onions step by step? 

With these easy procedures, you’ll have sliced green onions to use in a variety of cuisines. You will need a knife, as well as a cutting board.

Wash green onions

Using cold water, wash green onion in the sink. Rinse the scallions well to remove any dirt or other residue from the green onion. After washing them, just shake away the excess water.

knife for cutting

It is important to keep your knife in good condition so it can handle the job at hand. You should slice the green onion to make a clean cut.

Trim the ends

Green onions are prepared by trimming off their tips. Green onions should be grouped together. Remove the roots and the tips from the green onions. 

Chop them while holding the whole bunch in your hands. This will assist you in cutting the onions in a regular manner.

Cut into slices

Take the whole group of green onions and begin chopping them. Use a slicing motion, either a pull or a push cut, to slice the green onion.

For best results when slicing onions and making perfect tiny circles, use a slicing motion rather than a chopping one.

When you have finished chopping the green onions, you will have two distinct sorts of green onions. Feel free to sample them. Green onions may be frozen at this point if desired.

How to buy and store green onions?

The majority of supermarkets and other retail outlets have green onions throughout the year. They have long, green leaves that are straight, and rather than having bulbous bases, they have bases that are straight. 

Everything from the white stem to the green foliage is tasty. Choose green onions with crisp-looking green tops and white bases.

Green onions have certain similarities with spring onions but they are not the same thing at all. Spring onions have been picked before their bulbous bottoms fully grow into the enormous, rounder onions sold at grocery stores and supermarkets. 

Make sure you buy green onions if needed then wrap fresh green onions in plastic and store them in the fridge’s crisper drawer. The green onion will last in the fridge for about 5 days. 


In this brief article, we answered the question “which part of green onion to use?”. We discussed how to prepare green onions for cooking and how to cut green onions step by step. In the end, we understood how to buy and store green onions.