Which is the best tasting mango?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “which is the best tasting mango” with an in-depth analysis of the different varieties of mangoes that are thought to be best around the globe. Moreover, we are going to highlight what are some features that can indicate the quality of mango.

Which is the best tasting mango?

Some of the best tasting mangoes that are also consumed on a large scale are Alphonso, Carabao, Sindhri, Sein Ta Lone, Ataulfo, and Haden.


The mango is native to India and is also known as Hafoos, Hapus, and Alphonse. The main attribute of this mango is that its taste and texture cannot be matched with any other kind. These mangoes are also known for their less fibrous, heavyweight, pulpier, and juicy flesh. These mangoes are normally available from March to June.


This mango is native to the Philippines and is also known as Philippine or Manila mango. The Carabao variety itself comes in 15 different strains. In an unripe state, the color is green and taste is sour., but when ripened, they become yellowish-orange.


Sindhri is a native species to Sindh, Pakistan, and can also be known as honey mango. These are large oval mangoes and possess a great texture, fragrance, and flavor. These mangoes also have a good shelf life that can keep them in their original state and sweet.

Sein Ta Lone:

The mango, found mainly in Myanmar, is popular for its non-fibrous and juicy flesh. A single mango can weigh about 3 pounds, due to its huge size. The color is a bright orange that attracts you towards buying such a great variety.


Another great mango species, native to Mexico, is retaining yellowish golden skin and has a buttery elegant texture in its fully ripened state.


Haden is mainly cultivated in the USA and is also known as Hayden. This is one of the most widely cultivated mangoes, produced in Florida. This variety has dominant red and hinted yellow hues.

What are the properties of best tasting mango?

The best tasting mango is the one that has a sweet taste, bright yellow color, and enough juice in it. Nature has gifted us with a wide variety of fruits and even different varieties in a single fruit. Mango has been eaten for a very long time and is known as the KING OF FRUITS.

Different mangoes in different regions:

The mangoes are available in a lot of varieties and different regions, especially where they are cultivated, even have some more varieties and huge quantities of mangoes. Some of the mangoes that are consumed worldwide and can be available in every region are Ataulfo, Francis, Haden, Keitt, Kent, Tommy Atkins, Carabao, and Graham.

India is well-known for its vast mango production. Some of the varieties that are extensively present in India are Sein Ta Lone, Alphonso, Kesar, Dasheri, Chausa, Bombay Green, Langra, Amrapali, Neelam, Banganpalli/Safeda, Chok Anan, Badami Mango, and Totapuri. The varieties that are native to Thailand are Nam Dok Mai, Khieo Sawoei Sampran, Tong Dam, and Mamuang Ok Rong.

Qualities of the best mango:

The mango can be categorized as best if it has some qualities that can distinguish it from others. Some of these qualities areas:


The overall appearance of the fruit or mango is very important. Due to the inner soft texture, one should properly check for any cut or bruise as these cuts can allow the microbes to enter into the fruit and compromise safety. The color, according to the variety you are going to buy, and freshness should also be observed.


The smell can also be an important factor and you may have noticed that some people even smell the fruit while buying. The fresh and tasty mangoes should have fruit and a strong smell that can detect that the inside content is fully ripe and ready for consumption.


The skin of the mangoes should be intact. As the mangoes, that are no longer fresh, have loose skin that may signal that the inner contents have undergone some bad reactions, such as loss of water inside the mango.


You can also talk about the mango’s quality by simply holding it in your hand as a fresh and tasty mango has intact flesh in all the parts of the fruit. The mango can have the property to become softer from the area, where it gets pressed or infected.


The visual properties can also vary from variety to variety, such as some mangoes are available in green color whereas some are available in bright yellow colors. So, one should have some basic knowledge about the traits a variable holds, so you can easily find the mango with the best taste.

You can also find some information about the best growing conditions here.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “which is the best tasting mango” with an in-depth analysis of the different types of mangoes that are considered best. Moreover, we discussed which different varieties are found in different regions and what are some good traits that can indicate the quality of the mangoes.


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