Which is the best coffee at whole foods?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question “which is the best coffee at whole foods?” with an in-depth analysis of which is the best coffee at whole foods. Moreover, we will also discuss what makes different coffees the best coffees at whole foods.

Which is the best coffee at whole foods?

The best ground coffee is Allegro Organic Continental Blend from Whole Foods, for $12 per pound. Tasters found it to be complex, with chocolate and smoky flavors. However, other coffees are considered the best among others at whole foods. These are:

What makes the above mentioned coffees the best ones at whole foods?

Allegro Coffee Organic Continental Blend:

Allegro is one of Whole Foods Market’s amazing organic coffee beans. It tastes fresh and comes pre-grounded. Allegro is known to make specialty coffee in the tea market. They have delicious flavors, and customers have a variety of options when choosing their coffee. The company is built on sustainability, and they put a lot into making the best coffees around the world. The Allegro Coffee Organic Blend is great for medium roast coffee lovers. This flavor is packed with fruit-tinged tasting notes. Coffee is among the specialty teas from the company.

Best features:

It is impossible not to like this coffee because it is great. It is unique and comes in a special blend. The sweetness of this coffee can be traced to Latin America, where its Sumatra and the chocolate flavor are derived from.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters Hundred Mile:

Stumptown Coffee Roasters has been making quality coffee for almost 20 years, and they continue to bring new flavors for coffee lovers. They serve the best coffees around the world, and the Hundred Mile Jam and Toffee coffee are one out of their many collections. The rich flavor is great for your mornings, and it is available in a lot of stores around the world. 

The company is committed to satisfying its many customers and continues to maintain its trust in the market. The Stumptown Coffee Roasters Hundred Mile flavor is made for people who prefer their coffee medium roast. The coffee is made with natural tasting flavors of jam and toffee. 

Best features: 

This Stumptown Coffee comes in a strong blend and is great for breakfast. We recommend this coffee because you can find a variety of flavors from this company. The coffee beans can be brewed to your taste, and you get value for your money. 

Beans are stored in innovative bags that will ensure your coffee stays fresh for up to 90 days if it’s left unopened. You can blend it smoothly or coarse, any way you want it.

365 by Whole Foods Market Organic Ground Coffee:

This coffee from Whole Foods is one of the best organic ground coffees you can get today. Whole Foods is a reputable company known to sell unique and organic products for its customers. They also have other side operations that specialize in coffee making, like Allegro. 

The 365 organic coffee is one of its innovations and a preferred product in the market. This coffee is great for people who want to have a variety of options other than one. You can make a dark roast or medium roast with the 365 by Whole Foods Market. 

Best features:

We recommend 365 Coffee by Whole Foods Market because of its caramel and chocolate flavor. It is rich, and the deep brown color is very appealing. The coffee also has a certain level of acidity, which is great for people who want their coffee that way. You can also get this coffee available to you in many locations as Whole Foods has its stores in over 500 locations nationwide.

Peet’s Coffee French Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods

This amazing coffee is one of the best coffees you will find in grocery stores. Many people already know this coffee and won’t leave it for anything. We recommend this coffee because it is very rich and comes with some nice tasting notes like its smoke and burnt caramel. It is for lovers of dark roast coffee, so if you like light or medium roast, this coffee isn’t for you. The coffee has a chocolate richness and is great for people. 

Best features:

Peet’s is certainly a favorite, and from your first sip, it’s hard not to love this coffee. The amazing chocolate taste makes your breakfast a memorable one, and this coffee isn’t bitter. It is also hand-roasted, which makes it even unique when compared to other coffee brands. If you love your coffee dark and rich, this coffee is for you.

Bulletproof The Original Coffee:

The pre-ground coffee is fully organic and a preferred product for coffee lovers. You will certainly enjoy this coffee in the mornings. It has a fruity flavor combination of orange, cocoa hazelnut, and cinnamon. This original coffee flavor is great and worth its high price. The Bulletproof coffee is made of medium roast with natural flavors. It is a certified organic coffee and a trusted brand. You can only get it in ground form, but the quality is great. 

Best features:

We like Bulletproof the Original coffee because of its amazing natural flavor. When compared to other coffee brands, this coffee has a clean aftertaste. You can also trust their label when they tell you it’s Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Death Wish Coffee:

The caffeine amount is also not high but what you will get from this ground coffee is a rich and concentrated flavor. Death Wish isn’t bitter, as you will find other dark roasts. It is also the most expensive coffee you will find in the market. Death Wish Coffee is one favorite brand among coffee lovers. It isn’t everyday coffee because of its really strong taste. 

If you are looking for the world’s strongest coffee, this is the brand you should get.  It has a dark roast, and if you are in it for a light or medium roast, we will suggest you look for another product. 

Best features:

We prefer this coffee because of its quality taste. Death Wish is quite strong and is the type of coffee you want when you want to keep your head sharp. The brew is richly flavored, and if you don’t like it, the company allows you to get your money back. They already know you would like it. The price tag on it is a dead giveaway.

Intelligentsia El Gallo Organic:

This is a one-of-a-kind coffee that will keep you motivated when you wake up in the morning. It keeps you active in the morning, and the taste is fantastic. It has a fruity flavor mix of citrus, stone fruit, and caramel. You can grind it to your taste whether you want it smooth or coarse. 

The coffee is made by a Chicago company known to produce good quality light roasts coffee. This El Gallo Breakfast Blend is one of the flavors we recommend. Intelligentsia is a coffee you would love, and it has been around for decades. You can get a bag of these coffee beans in two sizes, 12 ounces or 5 pounds. 

Best features:

One thing we like about this coffee is that you get value for your money. The price is good, and the quality is great. This delicious coffee is also great for people who want to enjoy a light roast that is very sweet. It is easy to brew your coffee, and it is sweet tasting.

illy Coffee Classico:

The illy Coffee Classical is one of this brand’s best coffee blends. It comes in a chocolatey flavor which most people prefer. Illy Blend has been in the business of making coffees for a long time now, and it is no surprise that this blend tastes great.

It is 100 percent organic and worth its price. If you are looking for a medium roast coffee with chocolatey goodness and added caramel flavor, then this coffee is for you. The compact packaging is air-free, so you get the aroma of your coffee intact anytime you make your coffee. 

Best features:

The packaging of this Illy Blend Classico coffee is attractive and different from the regular packs you find in most brands. The company made a special package that seals the aroma and oils of the coffee, which is great. We also like that you can get the freshness of your coffee because of this type of package.


In this brief guide, we have answered the question “which is the best coffee at whole foods?” with an in-depth analysis of which is the best coffee at whole foods. Moreover, we have also discussed what makes different coffees the best coffees at whole foods.



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