Which is the best beer for gout?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “which is the best beer for gout” with an in-depth analysis of the best beer suggested by experts to be used by gout patients. Moreover, we are going to highlight what are some purine-low beers, what is gout and the effect of alcohol on gout, and what other things need to be avoided in gout.

Which is the best beer for gout?

The best beers for gout are Kirin Zero, Tanrei W Double, Oishi Zero, and other beers with less purine content. The beers are thought to be problematic as in most cases, the beer or alcohol consumption aggravates the symptoms as well as the complications of gout. To prevent this, one can have a beer, without any purine that is a major problem in gout patients, in very little quantity.

Best beers for gout:

The best beer for gout patients is one having a low purine content in them. Some of the low-purine beers listed here can be consumed by gout patients without any problem.

Kirin Zero:

Kirin Zero is an alcoholic beverage, having a label that says 100% purine-free. This beer can be consumed by gout patients, but it does not mean that they can drink it without any limit as it still has a large number of sugars in it that may increase the severity of gout by stimulating inflammation.

Tanrei W Double:

Another beer that can be consumed by gout patients is Tanrei W Double, which is also considered a safe drink for gout patients. The labels that come from manufacturers said that the drink is 99% purine-free.

Sapporo Zero:

This is also an important consideration for gout patients as it is also claimed to be free of purine, which is 100% purine-free.

Asahi W-Zero:

An amazing item produced by the Asahi Breweries is also made without any contained purine in it. Due to this absence of purine, it can safely be taken by individuals, suffering from gout.

Oishi Zero:

This brewery product, produced by Suntory brewery, is also 100% free of purine.

Kirin Tanrei Platinum Double:

Kirin Brewery company has also launched a beneficial product for people with gouty problems as purine may affect the inflammation as well as urates level in their body.


Gout is an arthritic condition of the joints that is painful and is associated with the accumulation of uric acid in the joints. This aggregation of uric acid is either due to its excessive production in the body or due to the body’s inability to eliminate it from the body.

Another important factor that needs to be considered here is the purine content of food, as the purine in the body is metabolized into uric acid. In this regard, foods having an excessive purine content can lead to a high amount of uric acid in the body.

Once a person has been diagnosed with this condition, the foremost thing is to maintain this condition through a proper lifestyle, as improper dietary habits can trigger the condition and help in its progression. So, the person should try to build some knowledge about purine-containing foods and avoid problematic foods.

Effects of alcohol on gout:

Alcohol consumption is associated with the increased risk of gout through two main possibilities, that are the high purine content in alcohols can enhance the severity by increasing the uric acid level in the body and the elimination of uric acid can be decreased due to the negative impacts of alcohol on kidneys’ normal functioning.

Drinks to avoid:

One of the other drinks that need to be avoided, because of their negative effects on gout conditions, is given below.


Beer has been associated with increased gout risk as it contains a large quantity of purine t. Some experts even suggested that a minor amount can cause a huge problem.


Alcohol, other than beer, such as wine can even be problematic as it affects the normal working of kidneys and reduces their efficiency to clear the uric acid level from blood.


Sugar-sweetened drinks, such as sodas can also increase the risk of gout as sugar may increase the inflammation of the joint spots, where uric acid has been accumulated.

Orange juice:

The beverages or foods that are naturally high in sugars also need to be avoided as they also pose a great risk of the occurrence of gout.


The experts have associated caffeine with pain in an already occurring gout. Therefore, excessive tea or coffee consumers should be careful with their caffeine intake as the symptoms are increased with excessive caffeine intake.

Energy drinks:

Some energy drinks are also a source of caffeine that can affect gout patients in the same way as the ones from coffee or tea. Such drinks are normally also high in sugar, which means that the consumption of energy drinks can produce double risk.

You can also find some good dietary practices that need to be followed in gout conditions as they can reduce the severity of the condition, by clicking here.

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In this brief guide, we answered the question “which is the best beer for gout” with an in-depth analysis of the beers that can be suitable for gout. Moreover, we discussed what gout and alcohol effects have on gout, and what are some other drinks that should be avoided.



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