Where to buy mozzarella balls?

In the brief guide, we are going to answer the question ‘where to buy mozzarella balls’ with a depth analysis of which things are to consider when buying them.

Smooth, porcelain-white mozzarella balls have a mild, fresh flavor and a spongy consistency. Each egg-shaped cheese is packaged in water for freshness and has a moist consistency and elasticity, making it enjoyable to eat. 

Take pleasure in these flavorful mozzarella balls on their own or as a light garnish for your preferred Caprese salad recipe. 

Where to buy mozzarella balls?

Mozzarella balls are available both online and in your local store. You can find mozzarella balls packed in plastic and submerged in water in the deli department or even at the cheese counter. This mozzarella is fresh, as opposed to the mozzarella found in the dairy section. Its size might range from tiny rounds to that of a baseball.

Recipe of mozzarella balls


Mini mozzarella cheese balls (bocconcini)



panko (Japanese breadcrumbs)

fresh flat-leaf parsley

lemon zest

red pepper flakes

salt and freshly ground pepper

red sauce

heavy whipping cream


Set a deep fryer to 375 degrees Fahrenheit to prepare the mozzarella balls. Dry off the mozzarella by draining it.

In three separate casserole dishes, combine the flour, beaten eggs, and panko with the parsley, lemon zest, red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper.

Pass the mozzarella through the flour, egg, and breadcrumbs in that order. Place the food in the freezer for 10 minutes, then fry it in batches for 1 minute at a time in hot oil until golden and crispy.

Drain on sheet trays covered with paper towels. Use salt to season. Serve alongside the cream sauce for pasta.

In a small bowl, combine the red sauce, heavy cream, and red pepper flakes for the sauce. Microwave for two minutes, or until warm. Use this to dip.

What to look for in fresh mozzarella?

The bag is overfilled. 

If the mozzarella in your unopened bag is bloated, it’s likely that the cheese is past its prime. However, feel free to peek inside.

Evident mold

It should be pretty obvious that you should discard the mozzarella if you see any mold. And it’s not a good idea to cut off the moldy area. If there are any strange specks on the surface, do the same.

Sour odor 

It’s probably past its prime if the cheese or the liquid it’s in smells like sour cream. Although eating it won’t kill you (or usually even give you any digestive problems), mozzarella shouldn’t be sour. Furthermore, it might wreak havoc on your salad or whatever else you added mozzarella too.

The bitter or sour flavor

It’s time to assess your mozzarella’s flavor if it appears and smells fine. Feel free to eat the remaining food if it’s okay. If not, it’s time to throw it away.

How to keep mozzarella balls?

Similar to ricotta, mozzarella is a soft cheese with high moisture content. When compared to hard cheeses, mozzarella has a short shelf life, so it should be consumed right away. 

Store any fresh mozzarella you make or prepackaged mozzarella you purchase from the grocery store in the refrigerator. For up to five days, keep the mozzarella in an airtight container submerged in cold water or olive oil.

Compared to fresh mozzarella, shredded mozzarella typically contains less water. This pre-packaged variety of mozzarella can be stored in the refrigerator for five days after being opened and has a longer shelf life than fresh mozzarella.

Why is water used to store mozzarella?

Typically, mozzarella is made in the form of a ball. It will lose its shape and flatten out over time if stored the same way as other cheeses due to its high water content and soft texture. Maintaining mozzarella in a liquid aids in keeping it moist and in shape.

Can aluminum foil be used to store mozzarella balls?

Wrapping your cheese in wax paper and aluminum foil will help it stay fresh. This prevents it from drying out and lets it breathe, extending the shelf life of your cheese.

Can mozzarella be frozen?

Although mozzarella can be frozen, doing so will cause the cheese to lose its smooth and creamy texture and become crumbly. The mozzarella’s water content can also result in crystal formation. If you decide to freeze the mozzarella, cut it into the appropriate portion sizes, wrap each piece in plastic or foil, and put the cheese in a freezer bag. The shelf life of frozen mozzarella is three to four months.


In the brief guide, we discussed answering the question ‘where to buy mozzarella balls’ with a depth analysis of which things are to consider when buying them.





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