Where to buy fresh yeast

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “Where to buy fresh yeast?” With an in-depth analysis of “How is fresh yeast different from dry and instant yeast?”Moreover, we are going to discuss the storage and shelf life of fresh yeast.

Where to buy fresh yeast?

You can buy fresh yeast from the grocery stores although not all of the stores used to have it. You may also find the fresh yeast in the supermarkets(in the dairy and refrigerated section) and can buy it online too from various websites, sitting at home.

You can buy yeast online from amazon,wholefoodsmarket,foodfornet etc.

How is the fresh yeast different from the dry and instant yeast?

Fresh yeast:

Yeast which is in the form of a crumbly, solid block and formed by the slurry of yeast and water is called fresh yeast.

Seasoned bakers use the fresh yeast to have a richer and sweeter flavour.

It is also easy to use as it requires no proofing.

Dry yeast:

However dry yeast is used by the home bakers and it is dehydrated and ground.

This yeast can be kept at room temperature even if the refrigerator isn’t available to you.

And if refrigerated it will last for 4_6 months there.

Dry yeast needs proofing before using it to check whether the yeast you are using is still active or not.

This is done by adding a half tablespoon of the warm water to the yeast and sprinkling sugar over it.

As a result, the active yeast starts blooming within ten minutes while inactive yeast doesn’t bloom.

Instant yeast:

Instant yeast that is more finely ground than dry yeast is also available.

It is used to get the baking done quickly, that’s why it is also called “quick_rise yeast” or “rapid_rise yeast”.

You may find the instant yeast has additional enzymes to make the dough rise even much faster than the fast rate.

You should try to add instant yeast to the dry ingredients as you do in case of the dry yeast but it requires no blooming.

How can you use fresh yeast?

If you want to use the fresh yeast instead of the dry and instant yeast, you can use it in the following way;

  • Use the fresh yeast in bread in which slow and long fermentation is needed because the active reaction of the fresh yeast is longer than the dry yeast.
  • You can also use the fresh yeast in recipes that call for multiple proofs such as braided bread with herbs and homemade flatbread.
  • You can also use the fresh yeast in the sweet recipes to make the recipe more fluffy and soft but it takes a longer time for fermentation than other types of yeast.

How can you properly store fresh yeast?

If properly stored, the fresh yeast will last longer and work well in the recipe.

That’s why it must be stored properly and you can do so in the following way;

  • Always tightly seal your fresh yeast using a container before storing it.
  • Then the best place for the fresh yeast to store is either in the fridge or in the freezer.
  • Don’t store the fresh yeast at room temperature as you do for the dry yeast, it will spoil there.

How can you freeze the fresh yeast?

If frozen, the fresh yeast will last longer than that which is refrigerated.

You can freeze the yeast in the following way;

  • Before putting it in the freezer, put the yeast in the fridge for at least 12 hours.
  • Try to keep the fresh yeast fresh, make sure to not open the original packaging of it but if you have opened you should wrap it firmly using aluminium foil.
  • Then put the yeast blocks in a plastic bag and seal them before, avoiding their exposure to the air and keep it in the freezer.
  • But make sure that you aren’t sealing through bad in a way that dries your yeast as it shouldn’t be dried.
  • You can also proof the fresh yeast before putting it in the freezer to know whether it’s active or not.

What is the shelf life of the fresh yeast?

The shelf life of the fresh yeast depends on the way it has been stored.

  • Fresh yeast, if stored in the refrigerator, will last for two weeks.
  • However, if the fresh yeast is kept in the freezer, you can keep it good to use for much longer than 3 months.

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In this brief guide, we answered the question “Where to buy fresh yeast?” With an in-depth analysis of “How is fresh yeast different from dry and instant yeast?”Moreover, we discussed the storage and shelf life of the fresh yeast.