Where is Uber Eats most popular? (+7 Reasons why)

In this article, we will discuss where Uber Eats is most popular. We will also check out the reasons why Uber Eats is actually so popular among customers, restaurant merchants as well as delivery drivers alike. Lastly, we will look at the other food delivery apps that are similarly popular.

Where is Uber Eats most popular?

In the United States, Uber Eats is definitely the most popular food delivery app in Miami. More than 50 percent of the sales in 2021 were for this state. On the other hand, the lowest number of orders in Uber Eats was placed in the state of San Francisco which accounts for only 11 percent of the sales.

Why is Uber Eats so popular among customers?

Uber Eats is definitely one of the most popular food delivery apps in the world today and operates in more than 45 countries. Some of the reasons why Uber Eats is so popular among customers have been described in the following points.

Uber Eats has a large collection of features

The most important reason why Uber Eats is so popular is because there is a large collection of restaurants here. Uber Eats offers customers various options to choose from like cuisine types, price ranges and even dietary requirements. Uber Eats definitely puts in a lot of thought in curating the collection and presents both local gems as well as international stars.

It has a map feature

There is also a map feature in Uber Eats which makes exploring a breeze for foodies. The customer has to pick a location on the map that is given after which they will be shown the different restaurants that are operating in the area. This map feature is not only great for exploring but also for those who want easier pick up options.

It has live tracking

There is also a live tracking feature in Uber Eats through which the customer can be alerted of the exact whereabouts of their food order. Uber Eats not only has live tracking but also offers push notifications which can alert the user of the different updates about their order. The live tracking in Uber Eats uses its own map feature unlike other food delivery apps.

It allows pre-ordering

There is also a pre-order feature in Uber Eats through which orders can be placed much in advance. The orders in Uber Eats can be scheduled from an hour in advance up to seven days in advance depending on the needs and requirements of the customer. The app will automatically alert the customer of the updates about the scheduled food order.

It allow group orders to be placed

Group orders can also be placed in Uber Eats and can be very helpful for workplaces and even informal social gatherings. This feature was reintroduced pretty recently in the app and now comes with a bill-splitting facility as well. The items in the group order arrive at the same time so that the members of the party can eat together.

It has useful filters

There are also many useful filters in Uber Eats which can make the search process pretty easy for the customer. These filters are programmed to bring up restaurants in many different categories such as price ranges and cuisine types. In addition to these filters, algorithms also bring up appropriate recommendations for the user based on their past orders.

It has the Uber One membership

Uber Eats also has a membership plan called Uber One. This membership plan can be purchased at a price of $9.99 per month or $99.99 for a year. The best advantage that Uber One brings to its members is no delivery fees for an unlimited number of orders. In addition to this, the customer can also enjoy special discounts and offers in restaurants.

Alternative food delivery apps

There are many other food delivery apps that mimic the features of Uber Eats. The most popular of these have been highlighted as follows.

  • DoorDash: DoorDash is certainly one of the most well-known names in the field of food delivery today. DoorDash operates in the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan and Australia. It also is one of the few On-Demand delivery apps that do so much for the safety of their delivery drivers. Customers can enjoy unique money-saving features like DoubleDashing in DoorDash.
  • Zomato: Zomato is another On-Demand food delivery app that originated in India. This app has created such a strong name for itself that it acquired Uber Eats in India, which led to the latter’s exit from the country. Zomato is known to be an extremely easy app to use and has a very versatile curation of restaurants.
  • Postmates: Postmates has long garnered attention from customers and users, especially since it guarantees a deliver-anything policy. Postmates also has a unique feature called Postmates Party which can be very useful for those customers who want to save money on food delivery. Postmates has since been acquired by Uber Eats.


In this article, we have discussed where Uber Eats is most popular. We have also checked out the reasons why Uber Eats is actually so popular among customers, restaurant merchants as well as delivery drivers alike. Lastly, we have looked at the other food delivery apps that are similarly popular.

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