Where is the coldest part of the fridge?

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “where is the coldest part of the fridge?” We will discuss whether the bottom shelf is the coldest in the fridge. In the end, we will understand if fridge sections have different temperatures.

Where is the coldest part of the fridge?

Because cold air falls in the fridge, the bottom of a refrigerator is often the area that maintains the lowest temperature. Since there is no freezer section, the air around that section will naturally be the coolest in the fridge. 

Temperature ranges may vary by brand and design, but 3 components are constant, the opening temperature swings the moist, hot air rises, and cool air sinks. 

The lowest shelves of your fridge will be the coolest. Your refrigerator’s rear half will be cooler than the rest.

Understand that every item in the refrigerator has a designated spot and that you must store items correctly to prevent spoilage or mold growth. Avoid food spoilage by maintaining a properly calibrated refrigeration system and storing food appropriately.

Is the bottom shelf the coldest in the fridge?

To begin, keep in mind that hot air flows to the surface and cold air descends. Consequently, the bottom shelf of your refrigerator will always have the coolest temperature, regardless of brand or model. The precise shelf or shelves might differ.

All food expires at some point, but properly storing it provides you the greatest chance of keeping it fresh for longer. 

When food is stored incorrectly in the refrigerator, it will expire considerably sooner than planned. In the worst-case situation, there is a chance that the meat will go bad and that the food will get moldy.

Refrigerators that include an ice maker in the upper area have a reputation for creating frost. The temperature that is maintained in these refrigerators will be somewhat distinct from that of other types. 

Even while the bottom level will always be the coolest, the top shelf will be somewhat colder as a result of frost.

French-door refrigerators with the big refrigerated space and a pull-out freezer at the bottom have the coolest crisper drawers, but the shelves above the crisper are also significantly cooler.

The bottom level right over the crisper drawers is the coolest in a side-by-side refrigerator with the freezer mostly on the left.

Do fridge sections have different temperatures?

Every shelf of the fridge has a different temperature zone. Some portions of the fridge are just cooler than others. 

Let’s have a look at the various temperature zones as well as the area of the refrigerator that is the coldest.

Meat somewhere on the bottom to reduce the mess if the packaging leaks, your refrigerator may truly assist you

Refrigerators differ, so you’ll have to evaluate your structure and temperature of yours, but here are some basic suggestions.

Lower Shelf temperature

Typically, this is the coldest part of the refrigerator. It is an excellent location for storing meat and fish. Again, we find it convenient to store meat down there in the event that there is a leak. 

There is less of a chance of liquids dripping into your yogurts and other food items. When you keep your meat on the lowest shelf in the fridge it will reduce the chance of falling liquid from the meat that may spoil other food. 

Also, the lowest shelf has the coldest temperature and your meat will be stored for a longer time. 

Upper Shelves temperature

Upper shelves often maintain a consistent temperature. Use them for dairy goods, beverages, leftover containers, and nutritious foods you want to notice immediately when you unlock the refrigerator. The upper shelf has a higher temperature as compared to the lower shelf. 

The Door temperature

It is best to avoid placing very perishable goods on the door of the refrigerator since this is the portion of the appliance that is the hottest and experiences the greatest temperature variations. 

Many refrigerator doors feature an egg section, but it’s not a smart option to store eggs inside. In most cases, it is acceptable to keep condiments and other things that may be stored on the door.

Crisper Drawers temperature

The effectiveness of humidity functions advertised on certain freezers varies depending on the model. Drawers do, however, tend to retain moisture, which is beneficial to produce. 

If you have many drawers, utilize them to segregate fruits and vegetables. The crisper drawer temperature is excellent for the green food and it will keep it fresh for a long period. 


In this brief article, we answered the question “where is the coldest part of the fridge?” We discussed whether the bottom shelf is the coldest in the fridge. In the end, we understand if fridge sections have different temperatures. 



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