Where is the busy area on Uber Eats? (+7 Tips for drivers)

This article will answer where the busy area is on Uber Eats. We will also explain how Uber Eats delivery drivers can earn more money in this gig. In addition to this, we will also be checking out the various advantages that an Uber Eats delivery driver can experience. On-Demand food delivery apps like Uber Eats are a main source of income to millions of drivers.

Where is the busy area on Uber Eats?

If you want to find a busy area on Uber Eats, you can follow the steps given below.

  • You will first need to sign in to your Uber Eats driver’s app
  • You will find an ‘Account’ option. Tap on this
  • Among the various options presented to you, tap on ‘Help’
  • You will find a list of complaints, among which you will need to select the ‘I am not getting deliver requests’ option
  • Once you have tapped on this, Uber Eats will immediately send you a hyperlink which will show you the various hotspots or busy areas for that particular point in time. You can go to any one of the places that have been mentioned and get more delivery requests

Money-making tips for Uber Eats drivers

Delivering for Uber Eats is certainly not going to help anyone become a millionaire. However, when the delivery driver is applying smart tactics, they can earn more on the job, either through Uber Eats itself or in the form of tips from their customers. Some ways through which Uber Eats drivers can make more money on the job have been described in the following section.

By delivering during peak hours

Uber Eats drivers essentially make money by completing delivery requests. This means, the more delivery requests the driver gets, the more money they are bound to earn. However, the delivery requests are not high at all times and the traffic can go up or down. Uber Eats drivers are bound to get more delivery requests during peak hours, which can mean more money.

By looking out for Boost Promotions

During certain times of the year, Uber Eats comes up with Boost Promotions during which the drivers can make a lot more money in a small amount of time. These promotions are rolled out when certain events like games or concerts are in town. The pay rates for the Uber Eats drivers can be multiplied by up to three times in these times.

By using a food delivery bag

Uber Eats does not give the drivers a food delivery bag but however, insists that they use one for their deliveries. This bag may be a small investment but can be quite profitable in the long run, especially in the form of tips. Food delivery bags can help keep the hot foods hot and the cold foods cold, which can reflect on the freshness of the meal which can translate into better tips.

By practicing great customer service

It is not only the restaurant merchants and the customer support team of Uber Eats that need to practice great customer service. Even the Uber Eats drivers need to be extra courteous and kind to their customers. In doing so, they have more chances of getting tips from the customers which can further increase their earnings.

By delivering for multiple apps

Delivery drivers in Uber Eats can also earn more money by delivering for multiple apps. Uber Eats drivers are considered independent contractors and thus there are no restrictions on them working for other delivery apps. By being present on multiple delivery apps at once, the driver gets more requests, more incentives and more earnings.

By dressing the part

Uber Eats drivers do not exactly have a uniform or a dress code to follow. However, they still need to dress neatly and professionally so that they make a good impression on the customer. The driver can choose to wear the Uber Eats t-shirt if they wish to or even another outfit. But it is recommended that their clothes be clean and pressed at all times.

By completing Quests

Uber Eats drivers earn through the app by not only completing delivery requests, but by also completing Quests. Quests refer to a certain number of deliveries in a set amount of time. When Uber Eats drivers complete Quests they can receive bonuses in the form of earnings or even incentives in the form of special offers at restaurants.

Advantages of delivering for Uber Eats

Uber Eats drivers can enjoy tons of advantages in this gig, such as,

  • Freedom to work whenever they want to and also take a break when they wish to
  • No supervision or management whatsoever
  • Very low levels of commitment in this gig, and thus the delivery driver can quit whenever they feel like it. They can also rejoin the force and are guaranteed of a job as the demand for food delivery is always going to be high
  • Regular earnings when compared to other jobs
  • Opportunities to explore new localities and meet new people everyday

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This article has answered where the busy area is on Uber Eats. We have also explained how Uber Eats delivery drivers can earn more money in this gig. In addition to this, we have also checked out the various advantages that an Uber Eats delivery driver can experience.

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