Where is Blue Apron based out of? (+9 Pros of Blue Apron)

This article will explain where Blue Apron is based out of. We will also be discussing the different advantages that Blue Apron offers, that its customers are bound to love. Lastly, we will be listing a few limitations or minus points of this meal kit delivery service that customers can experience.

Where is Blue Apron based out of?

Blue Apron is based out of New York City in the United States. This meal kit delivery service was founded by Matt Wadiak, Matt Salzberg and Ilia Papas, and operates only in the contiguous United States. While the headquarters of Blue Apron are located in New York City, it has several fulfillment centers spread across New Jersey, Texas, California and other regions.

Advantages of using Blue Apron

While there are certainly many meal-kit delivery services for customers to choose from today, Blue Apron offers a wide range of advantages that are absent in many other similar brands. The various advantages that are present in Blue Apron have been showcased in the following section.

The customer does not need to shop for groceries

The best part about using Blue Apron is that the customer does not need to leave the house in order to shop for groceries. The ingredients are delivered to the house of the customer directly and thus can be quite convenient. The ingredients are also delivered in insulated packaging which can be preserved at room temperature for about a day.

The ingredients are very fresh and organic

The ingredients in the meal kits are very fresh and thus the customer does not need to worry about their safety and quality. Blue Apron only uses organic and non-GMO produce for its meal kits, which are not sprayed with harmful chemicals and pesticides. Furthermore, the meat and poultry come from grass-fed and antibiotic free birds.

The customer can make changes to their recipes

The customer can also choose to make several changes to their recipes based on their needs and preferences. The customers of Blue Apron are allowed to swap one ingredient for another to better suit their requirements. They can also upgrade any ingredient for a much more premium one, if they want to make meal time a little fancier.

 New cooking skills can be learnt

The customer can also learn many new cooking skills and techniques through the Blue Apron meal kits. In fact, this is the main premise and aim of Blue Apron – to equip home chefs with new skills in the kitchen. There are also premium options in Blue Apron where the customer can learn complex kitchen skills.

 Wine can be ordered

Blue Apron also has a wine delivery service that allows customers to order wine. The wines also come in various serving sizes, including a smaller bottle that can be terrific for couples and single folk. The wines are delivered along with information about their history and the recommendations for wine pairings.

Kitchenware can be purchased

Blue Apron also has a market where the customer can opt to buy kitchenware such as pots and pans and even small tools. There are also appliances sold here like electric ovens that the customer can purchase. The Blue Apron market additionally has a pantry section where the customer can buy seasonings and spices for their cooking needs.

Heat and Eat options are available

In Blue Apron, the customer can also find several Heat & Eat options. These meal kits do not need to be cooked and only need to be heated in the microwave oven for a few minutes. The meals are pre-cooked and delivered to the customer in a frozen state. These options can be fantastic for any customer who is frantically busy cooking in the kitchen.

The customer can lose weight

Blue Apron has a number of WW approved recipes that can be terrific for anyone who wants to lose weight. These recipes have been designed in collaboration with Weight Watchers and are low in calories. At the same time, the recipes are high in nutrition and can be delicious as well.

Those who have diabetes can also use this

Blue Apron also has several diabetes-friendly recipes that have been created through a partnership with American Diabetes Association (ADA). These recipes do not use any starchy foods, including starchy produce and even come pre-seasoned with the right amount of salt and spices.

 Limitations of Blue Apron

Blue Apron is definitely a terrific meal-kit delivery service. However, it still has a few limitations that can be minus points for the brand, such as,

  • The meal kits in Blue Apron still need to be cooked by the customer. And for those who are very busy, this can be a major let down.
  • The wine delivery feature of Blue Apron is not available in all the regions of the US due to varying state laws.
  • Advanced home chefs have found the recipes to be too simple and not possessing a good enough challenge. This can also be disadvantageous for those who are great at cooking, but want to learn new skills.


This article has explained where Blue Apron is based out of. We have also discussed the different advantages that Blue Apron offers, that its customers are bound to love. Lastly, we have listed a few limitations or minus points of this meal kit delivery service that customers can experience.

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